O's Stats through 4 series (w/poll)

We've had a 6 games against the Yanks, 3 against the A's, and 3 against the Rays.  Here's how we look thusfar, statistically, and how we stack up with the rest of the League:

Team stats:

71 Runs Scored, 2nd in AL (Toronto is 1st with 72...but they've played 1 more game than we have)
120 Hits, 1st (Texas is 2nd with 118)
19 2B, tied for 5th (LA is 1st with 23)
6 3B, tied for 1st (4 teams tied for 3rd with 5)
14 HR, tied for 2nd (Texas is 1st with 17)
199 TB, 2nd (Texas is 1st with 201...but they've also played 1 more game than us)
71 RBI, 1st (Toronto is 2nd with 70)
.296 BA, 1st (Detroit is 2nd with .280)
.358 OBP, 1st (Boston is 2nd with .342)
.472 SLG, 1st (Texas is 2nd with .431)
.830 OPS, 1st (Boston is 2nd with .772)
12 SBs, 2nd (Tampa Bay is 1st with 14)
63 SO, tied for 1st (Chicago is 3rd with 63)
36 BB, 5th (New York is 1st with 50)
40 XBH, 2nd (Texas is 1st with 42)

1.54 WHIP, 13th (ouch...Minnesota is 1st with 1.06)
1.69 K/BB, 12th (ouch again...Minnesota is 1st with a whopping 4.88)
7.05 K/9, 1st (Chicago is 2nd with 6.77)
.267 BAA, tied for 10th (Chicago and Oakland are tied for 1st with .224)
.739 OPSA, 8th (Cleveland is 1st with .617)
4.84 ERA, 10th (Minnesota is 1st with 3.40)
13 HRA, tied for 7th (Clevaland and Texas are tied for 1st with 8)
49 BB, 14th (yuck...Minnesota is 1st with 16)

No suprises...our batters are kicking ass above and beyond the call.  Our pitchers are doing a decent job...striking out a ton of people, but also walking waaaay too many.  So far, though, you have to love the results...

Individual (Top 10 in AL):


Runs Scored:
Brian Roberts, 15, t-1st
Miguel Tejada, 11, t-4th
Melvin Mora, 10, t-8th

Brian Roberts, 22, 1st
Miguel Tejada, 18, t-5th

Miguel Tejada, 4, t-6th
Sammy Sosa, 4, t-6th

Brian Roberts, 3, 1st
Sammy Sosa, 1, t-8th
Miguel Tejada, 1, t-8th
Luis Matos, 1 t-8th

Brian Roberts, 5, 2nd
Miguel Tejada, 3, t-3rd

Miguel Tejada, 18, 1st
Brian Roberts, 14, 2nd

Brian Roberts, 6, t-1st
Luis Matos, 2, t-10

Brian Roberts, 9, t-3rd

Brian Roberts, .449, 1st
Miguel Tejada, .375, 5th

Brian Roberts, .534, 1st
Miguel Tejada, .436, 6th

Brian Roberts, .898, 1st
Miguel Tejada, .688, 2nd

Brian Roberts, 1.432, 1st
Miguel Tejada, 1.124, 2nd

Brian Roberts, 9, 1st
Miguel Tejada, 8, t-2nd
Sammy Sosa, 7, t-4th


Erik Bedard, 1.50, 5th
Bruce Chen, 1.80, 8th

Steve Kline, 2, t-3rd
Rodrigo Lopez, 2, t-3rd

BJ Ryan, 2, t-7

Bruce Chen, 9.00, 5th

Rodrigo Lopez, 7.52, 8th

Daniel Cabrera, 2.43, 4th

Bruce Chen, .505, 6th
Erik Bedard, .528, 9th

Well, Brian Roberts is doing ok so far, huh?  Miggy T would be having a stand-out start himself, if it weren't for B-Rob.  On the pitching side, so far so good for 3 of the 5 starters, especially Bruce Chen.

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