O's Stats Through 6 Weeks

Record : 24-13, .649, 1st in AL East, 2nd in AL

Team Offense:

201 Runs Scored, 3rd in AL (Yankees, 217)
379 Hits, 1st in AL
75 2Bs, 2nd in AL (Red Sox, 77)
7 3Bs, t-6th in AL (Tigers, 17)
53 HRs, 1st in AL
27 TBs, 1st in AL
196 RBI, 3rd in AL (Yankees, 206)
.291 BA, 1st in AL
.345 OBP, 3rd in AL (Red Sox, .362)
.481 SLG, 1st in AL
.826 OPS, 1st in AL
32 SBs, 4th in AL (White Sox, 45)
.78 SB%, t-2nd in AL (Red Sox, .89)
199 SO, 2nd in AL (Athletics, 197)
101 BB, 12th in AL (Red Sox, 160)
135 XBH, 1st in AL
.51 BB/K, 7th in AL (Red Sox, .67)

Team Pitching:

1.35 WHIP, t-6th in AL (Twins, 1.14)
2.02 K/BB, 7th in AL (Twins, 4.17)
7.38 K/9, 1st in AL
.248 BAA, 3rd in AL (White Sox, .235)
.698 OPSA, 3rd in AL (White Sox, .667)
3.95 ERA, 5th in AL (White Sox, 3.31)
33 HRA, 3rd in AL (Rangers, 24)
478 TBA, 4th in AL (White Sox, 460)
135 BBA, 10th in AL (Twins, 53)
.77 SV%, 5th in AL (White Sox, .82)

Individual Offense:

Runs Scored:
Brian Roberts, 31, t-1st

Brian Roberts, 58, t-1st
Miguel Tejada, 51, 5th
Melvin Mora, 44, t-10th

Miguel Tejada, 11, t-6th

Brian Roberts, 3, t-5th

Miguel Tejada, 10, t-5th
Brian Roberts, 10, t-5th

Miguel Tejada, 38, 1st
Brian Roberts, 32, 4th

Brian Roberts, 13, t-2nd
Luis Matos, 7, t-9th

Brian Roberts, 21, t-6th

Brian Roberts, .382, 2nd
Miguel Tejada, .333, 7th

Brian Roberts, .460, 2nd

Brian Roberts, .664, 1st
Miguel Tejada, .614, 3rd

Brian Roberts, 1.124, 1st
Miguel Tejada, .986, 5th

Brian Roberts, 101, 1st
Miguel Tejada, 94, 2nd

Miguel Tejada, 22, 3rd
Brian Roberts, 20, t-4th
Javy Lopez, 17, t-9th

Individual Pitching:

Erik Bedard, 45, 5th
Daniel Cabrera, 41, 7th

Sidney Ponson, 5, t-4th
Erik Bedard, 4, t-8th
Bruce Chen, 4, t-8th

B.J. Ryan, 10, t-4th

Erik Bedard, 2.35, 2nd

Sidney Ponson, 1, t-5th
Bruce Chen, 1, t-5th

Quality Starts:
Erik Bedard, 5, t-7th
Bruce Chen, 5, t-7th
Rodrigo Lopez, 5, t-7th

Erik Bedard, 3.75, 9th

Daniel Cabrera, 8.79, 2nd
Erik Bedard, 7.55, 8th

Daniel Cabrera, 2.59, 2nd
Sidney Ponson, 2.05, 5th

Erik Bedard, 1.03, 4th

Looks like our pitching is catching up with our offense, which has come back down to Earth somewhat, but is still top 1-3.  Pitching is now top 5 in the League.

Bedard looks like a Cy Young Candidate & Cabrera is thiiiiiiiis close to being completely dominant.

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