What is Manny Ramirez worth?

First a quick disclaimer. This is all COMPLETELY hypothetical and I am 99.9999% sure that there is no way we (or anyone else for that matter) makes a deal for Manny Ramirez, but I just have fun thinking about this stuff and I'm bored at work, so here goes:

ESPN is saying that the BoSox will explore trade possibilities involving Manny Ramirez.

He makes a ton of money and wants out of Boston, and he's going to be impossible to get market value for, not only because he makes so much money but also becacuse some team would have to give up their best player(s).

I'm pretty sure that the Sox are just saying they will explore possibilities to shut him up, so they can say "look, we tried, now get back to work."

BUT, let's say they're serious, and they want to get rid of him, and they might take less than market value. Given his ability, and taking into account his salary, what would YOU give up from the O's to get Manny?

In all honesty, the Sox desperately need a closer, and we've got B.J. Ryan who some here have said we should shop. Now there's no way (I don't think) that they'd do a direct B.J. for Manny swap (although who knows), but I would assume, for this exercise, that any package bringing us Manny would also be sending them B.J.

I'd give up B.J. Ryan and Jay Gibbons, and maybe even Hayden Penn if the Sox ate a good-sized chunk of Manny's salary, because I think Chris Ray can do a decent job of closing (Billy Beane's comments about closers being completely overrated keep running through my head ... so hey, throw Tim Byrdak out there for all I care), and how bad do you need a closer anyway when you've got Manny and Tejada set up by Mora and Roberts (and Lawton, if the O's make that deal, which I'm a big fan of)? The Red Sox haven't had anything resembling a closer all year and they're in first place!

That's a complete overhaul of our lineup, practically:

1 - B-Rob (2B)
2 - Lawton (RF)
3 - Melvin (3B)
4 - Miggy (SS)
5 - Manny (LF) (I can see the "Three M's" marketing already)
6 - Javy (C/1B???)
7 - Raffy/Mystery Man (1B/DH)
8 - Mystery Man/Sammy Sosa signing a one year deal for $3 million a la Raffy? (DH/C???)
9 - Matos (CF)

Ok...well that was fun. Now back to the real world.

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