Enough bashing, already.


I am really sickened to death with the following:

  • people saying we suck
  • people saying we can't compete this year
  • people going on and on--and on--about Angelos
  • people writing about how they're never going to come to another game
  • Look, everyone has a right to their point of view. And I know folks just have to blow off steam sometimes. But the impatience of the modern sports fan just stymies me. Baseball is being infected by our "instant gratification" culture.

    Don't get me wrong, 8 straight years of losing sucks. But it probably doesn't suck as much as, say, going 86 years without winning a World Series. Yet Boston fans, through good times and bad, have a fanatical devotion to their team that I have to admire. I have no doubt that at least some of those years, Boston ownership was responsible for the Red Sox futility. But my impression is that fans never took that out on the team.

    More to the point, Angelos seems to have learned a few things in the past few years. Do you remember the Syd Thrift days? Aren't you glad Angelos finally cut him loose? Weren't you happy when we got Tejada? Don't you think that Flanaquette are approching things better than they've been approached in a while? Not perfectly, I'm not saying that. I look at the Jeff Conine signing and scratch my head. But overall, these guys are far better than what we've had in recent memory.

    You can piss and moan all you want about the Mora situation, but the fact is, if a bunch of people on this board think he's worth the $$ and yet a bunch think he's not, then maybe not signing him yet isn't just outright mind-numbing stupidity on the part of the FO. Maybe they actually are trying to stick to a plan. Sure, taking this long to get a deal done might backfire--and in fact, they may not sign him yet--but it's not like letting Mora go would be a colossal blunder of epic proportions the way people make it out to be. It might be a bad move. Fine. But it isn't mind-numbingly stoooooopid the way some people present it.

    Back to this losing thing. We haven't been over .500 for eight seasons. Is that because we've been bad? Yes. But those eight seasons also coincide with shifting philosophies on the part of the Yankees and Red Sox to get into an arms race every year. No matter how much you'd like to think we can compete with their payrolls, you're wrong. We can't. Once in a while we can, and we tried, to disastrous effect a few years ago (money thrown at players+bad FO=disaster). The BoSox and Yankees, especially the Yankees, throw bad money after good and sweep their mistakes under the rug by signing more players. The Os will never, ever have enough money to compete with them in that way. And guess what? We play each of those teams 19 times a year. Tough f*cking luck.

    So what do we do? We wait until we're on the verge, with a really solid core team and then, with a better FO, we have a high payroll year, because spending the money will actually make a difference--a difference that paying BJ Ryan or AJ Burnett what they're making this year would not likely have made for this team. We do it when we've got 2 or 3 great pitchers and we need a fourth'; not when we have 1 or 2 average guys and we need a whole front end of the rotation.

    So take a deep breath everyone. Yeah, let's keep bitching about bad trades and lousy bullpen decisions, and whatever else we want--that's our right as sportsfans.

    But show the team some love, too. A lot of good stuff has happened in the last two years, and if you're not excited about this team's potential for the next few years, you haven't been paying attention.

    And one last note: It's way early yet, but if you look up at the standings, there's a logjam in the AL East, and we're right in the thick of it. And unlike last year, we're not playing way over our heads, and the other teams are not bizarrely underacheiving. So far, everyone's kinda doing what was expected. Even when The Unit gave up 6 runs in 5 innings today, that was expected by a lot of people--I mean, the guy can't go on forever. NY's pitching is old. Boston's is probably better, but Wells is hurt, and they're paying Clement $9M to be Roddy Lopez. Toronto has Burnett hurt, and after Halladay, they're pretty thin.  

    So cheer up my little feathered fans.


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