AL all-star voting update -- still a f*cking joke

MLB issued an update on all-star balloting so far yesterday.  I am disgusted at the NY/Boston fanbase.  Alex Gonzalez is actually on this list, enough said.  Ramon Hernandez isn't in the Top 5 for catcher.  And David Ortiz qualifies for "First Base."

June 6, 2006

First Base

  1. David Ortiz, Red Sox 631,787
  2. Jason Giambi, Yankees 433,308
  3. Paul Konerko, White Sox 295,489
  4. Travis Hafner, Indians 228,758
  5. Chris Shelton, Tigers 208,045
Second Base
  1. Robinson Cano, Yankees 404,416
  2. Mark Loretta, Red Sox 368,226
  3. Tadahito Iguchi, White Sox 348,691
  4. Placido Polanco, Tigers 184,928
  5. Brian Roberts, Orioles 176,630
Third Base
  1. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 731,811
  2. Mike Lowell, Red Sox 317,803
  3. Joe Crede, White Sox 236,260
  4. Eric Chavez, Athletics 227,140
  5. Troy Glaus, Blue Jays 223,636
  1. Derek Jeter, Yankees 765,110
  2. Miguel Tejada, Orioles 526,622
  3. Michael Young, Rangers 197,386
  4. Alex Gonzalez, Red Sox 173,307
  5. Juan Uribe, White Sox 162,875
  1. Jason Varitek, Red Sox 448,894
  2. Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers 398,852
  3. Jorge Posada, Yankees  337,969
  4. A.J. Pierzynski, White Sox 256,308
  5. Victor Martinez, Indians 256,148
  1. Vladimir Guerrero, Angels 745,397
  2. Manny Ramirez, Red Sox 738,168
  3. Johnny Damon, Yankees 529,770
  4. Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners 413,737
  5. Vernon Wells, Blue Jays 365,466
  6. Gary Sheffield, Yankees 360,973
  7. Hideki Matsui, Yankees 283,312
  8. Scott Podsednik, White Sox 268,599
  9. Jermain Dye, White Sox 262,008
  10. Coco Crisp, Red Sox 248,485
  11. Torii Hunter, Twins 237,308
  12. Trot Nixon, Red Sox 233,099
  13. Magglio Ordonez, Tigers 195,475
  14. Grady Sizemore, Indians 194,857
  15. Jonny Gomes, Devil Rays 175,629

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