I wonder everyday

I wonder why I watch this team. It is not only the fact that the Orioles are a horrendus team, but that there is no upside at all for the coming years.  Look at who we are putting on the field every day.

Jay Gibbons - Enough Said

Aubrey Huff - Our BIGGEST offseason acquisition who is barely hitting over the .250 mark and they are all singles. He hit for the cycle and that satisfied the Baltimore front office enough to play him every day for the rest of the year.

Corey Patterson - This guy has drastically improved and is now batting around .240. Kay.

Brandon Fahey - This kid is trying very hard to get his average atleast to .180 and knock in his second RBI.  Those numbers may be decieving though because hes trying his best.

Paul Bako - His offensive numbers are worse than Jay Gibbons.  But atleast hes a really good defensivly, oh wait no hes not.

Nick Markakis + Brian Roberts - Our only hope offensivly for the coming years.  B-Rob is still hitting near the .320 mark and has great speed when on base.  His aproach to the plate is excellent too.  Markakis is a good player, but would not be batting third on alot of other teams.  Nice average and decent RBI total but the power just isn´t there with a fairly low slugging percentage and homerun total.

Erik Bedard + Jeremy Guthrie - Bedard is the undisputed ace of the staff and has proven that he can go pitch for pitch with the class of the league. Leads the league in strikeouts and has a nasty changeup.  Southpaw deserves better but its better than Canada I guess. Guthrie is leveling out at around the 3.00 mark which is still excellent.  He still has to prove that hes not a one time wonder though as scouting reports are given out and players see him for the third and fourth times.

Kevin Millar - A pleasant surprise as he has decent power numbers with a good average.  Like everyone says, he seems like a very personable guy who genuinly wants his organization to be good.  He just isnt fit for the cleanup roll though.  All this crap said about how he should stay is dumb to me.  Hes an above average hitter on a losing ballclub and isnt adding anything drastic to the team.  As much as I like him, 2 prospects would be an upgrade as we build for the future.

Jay Payton - Much like Kevin Millar hes a nice role player,  but the O´s dont need role players.  We need young guys who can prove their worth in a rebuilding organization

The 2007 Baltimore Orioles Bullpen - They all are horrendus and none of them deserve a spot on the team.  Except maybe Danys Baez, he has a big upside. The bullpen is epitomized by Chris Ray, our closer had 6 losses going into the allstar break and an ERA nearing 5.00.

Miguel Tejada - There is alot of talk of his numbers declining which can´t be denied but he is still a nice asset to any team.  He is close to being good defensivly but sometimes lacks the control.  At the plate he still lacks protection and I think if given an entire year his power numbers would have gone up.  The average will level out at .315 which is still good but the injury is definitly a problem.  He is the franchise player for now and thats probably enough to keep the front office from dealing him.

Peter Angelos - When are you going to keel over?

As I look at this team I don´t see how we are going to improve.  Alot of these guys are locked up for a while and we do not even have a farm system at all.  This means we must look elsewhere for prospects which isnt going to happen. So anyways, I don´t know if its just me but I really do ask myself sometimes why I watch this club.  It doesn´t even make sense when there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Peru has been a nice break but unfortunatly now I have to watch these losers on T.V. again.

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