Why do the ushers at Camden Yards suck so bad?

I know I've heard similar complaints before so this is probably beating a dead horse, but I need to do a short rant.

Five of my friends and I have a 13 game plan in section 85, and that plan included last night's game. So we're surrounded by BoSox fans (not surprising) and decided pretty early on that we needed to be vocal. So we're booing when the Red Sox fans cheer and all that crap ... nothing offensive. We took some good-natured ribbing from a few Sox fans around us, but by the 9th inning we're running out of steam and not really saying much. So when Tek singles in the go-ahead run the stadium goes wild and my friend yells something pretty stupid like "Go back to Boston" or "Sit down." And a few guys in the section in front of us turn around to give us shit. Not too surprising. But the one dude who really wants to get some shots in is decked out in red and blue, but not for the Red Sox ... this clown is wearing a Phillies jersey and hat and for some reason is there rooting on the Red Sox like he grew up trolling Yawkey Way. He yells something to the effect of "What now bitch!?" or something equally ridiculous, so my friends and I can't resist.


Profanities were exchanged but honestly I'm not sure too many people heard us over the Sox fans' jubilation.

So it's dying down and the usher for our section comes to us -- not the Sox/Phillies fans -- and says to sit down and keep our mouths shut, and if she hears anything else she's kicking us out. Not a word to the Sox fans.

Of course the Sox fans are having a field day with this.. I'm fine that she told us to shut up, but tell them too. So we tell her to go explain it to them also and she said that they weren't doing anything wrong.

Then she proceeds to go sit next to them for the remainder of the game and share a few laughs.

This isn't the first time I've heard of OUR ushers bending over backwards to please opposing fans in spite of Orioles fans. Why the hell does that happen?

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