How the O's Can Contend in 2009 for < $90M

1.  Trade Aubrey Huff to Tampa Bay for Wade Davis and Reid Brignac

2.  Trade Garrett Olsen and George Sherrill to St. Louis for Rick Ankiel, Joe Mather and Josh Kinney.

3.  Sign Randy Johnson and Andy Pettitte to 1-year contracts @ $14M each.

4.  Sign Adam Dunn to a multi-year contract @ $14M/year.


2009 Roster:

C - Matt Wieters

1B - Adam Dunn

2B - Brian Roberts

SS - Cesar Izturis

3B - Melvin Mora

LF - Rick Ankiel

CF - Adam Jones

RF - Nick Markakis

DH - Luke Scott/Joe Mather platoon

Bench:  Mather/Scott, Reid Brignac, random backup catcher, Ryan Freel

SP's - Randy Johnson, Andy Pettitte, Jeremy Guthrie, Wade Davis, Liz/Albers

Bullpen - Danys Baez, Jamie Walker, Chris Ray, Jim Johnson, Josh Kinney, Albers/Liz, Brian Burres



1.  Significant defensive upgrades at C, SS and LF.  One downgrade at 1B.

2.  Offensive upgrades at C, SS and LF.  I also think the combination of Dunn/Scott/Mather compares favorably to Huff/Millar at 1B & DH.  This lineup could very well score 900+ runs.

3.  The bullpen is pretty strong.  Kinney is effective against righties and lefties, so that creates more matchup strengths.

4.  The rotation is hugely improved, but still not devastatingly good.  Johnson and Pettite are big improvements over Cabrera and Olsen.  Some combination of Davis/Albers/Liz should be better than the back of the rotation last year.

So...the offense and defense look to be top-notch.  The bullpen is competitive and the rotation is far better than last season.  For 2010 and beyond, decisions need to be made on Roberts and Mora, $42M comes off the books with the departures of Pettitte, Johnson, , Freel, Baez and Walker, and the triumverate of Tillman, Matusz and Arrieta join Guthrie, Davis, Albers in the mix for the rotation.

Doesn't this look a bit like the Tampa Bay plan, just with a hell of alot more offensive punch?

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