Orioles 2008: Fully Loaded

According to this Sun article the 2008 Baltimore Orioles aren't merely a team packed with young talent, they're a team that's packin'.  We've read previous posts and articles regarding LF Luke Scott's fondness for firearms, but he gives up the ghost even more in quotes like:

""I think it's smart, and it's your constitutional right to be prepared...If people want to walk around in la la land and say, 'Nothing will ever happen to me,' that's their choice. I choose not to do that. I don't go around flashing my gun, I don't go around and say, 'Oh, look, I'm carrying a piece.' I carry in case something happens where I can't avoid trouble and I can't leave or there's a risk that I'm going to lose my life or my property."

And this one regarding an incident that took place when Scott was confronted by a shank wielding man at a Houston gas station:

"I didn't pull my gun on him...I would have if he had gotten close enough, and I would have shot him if he wouldn't have backed off. But all I had to do was lift up my shirt and put my hand on [the gun] and I said, 'Can I help you?' He stopped in his tracks. Who knows what that saved me?"

But it ain't just Luke Scott who's strapped.  CC favorite Jamie Walker has been known to carry a concealed weapon from time to time and had this to add:

"Everybody has the right to bear arms...As far as carrying a weapon, if you go through the classes, do the training and got the license, I don't have a problem with it. I think it helps society out in the long run. If a situation occurs, you've got somebody who has been trained and knows how to use and handle it. Policemen can't be everywhere.

The article also mentions that our Golden Child Nick Markakis owns several guns which he primarily uses for hunting and target practice.  

I guess my feelings are mixed on the whole gun issue.  I've always sort of felt if you're going into a situation where you think you'll need a gun, you're probably better off just not going.  But life isn't always so simple.  I've had a gun pointed in my face in the past, during a robbery at restaurant I worked at in High School, but I have to say that it wasn't as scary as I would have thought.  I could tell the robbers were strictly business and just wanted money and was able to find security in that.  Where I live today in NYC is also very safe (knock on wood) so I've never even considered owning a gun here.  But if I lived someplace more dangerous, like, I dunno, Baltimore I might feel different.  

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