Rays 6, O's 2: So it begins


It is what it is. It was what it was. The first loss of God knows how many -- there could be about 100 more of these to come.

Talkin' points:


  • Jim Palmer -- still an arrogant SOB.
  • Adam Jones -- not so hot with offspeed pitches.
  • Jeremy Guthrie -- looked OK. Not great. Not terrible.
  • Matt Albers -- looked good.
  • Brian Burres -- yeah, he mopped up.
  • Brian Roberts -- MACHINE. 2-for-2 with two walks, a steal and a run scored. I'm gonna miss you when you go, Brian Bob.
  • Kevin Millar -- cleaned up the only opportunity he really got.
  • Double steals -- exciting!
  • Melvin Mora -- had one of THOSE games he has, where he can't do anything whatsoever right and makes idiotic sub-rookie mistakes.
  • James Shields -- he can pitch.
  • Terry Crowley -- hitters look the same as always, hacking away without working counts.
Let's talk about Luis Hernandez. He can't hit, he can't field, he has no business at the major league level. I'm done talking about Luis for right now.

Aubrey Huff flew out to end the first and got booed. Tough crowd! This is gonna be a rough year for him unless he starts hitting, and fast. Not exactly his trademark.

Jay Payton was seen, pinch-hitting for the bewildered Luis Luis late, replaced defensively by Brandon Fahey, who thankfully never got to pick up a bat.

The O's started it hot, with Roberts walking to lead off the season, Markakis getting on, a double steal, and Millar doubling them both home on a ball that Carl Crawford really should've caught. It was all downhill from there. The Orioles never seriously threatened to score again, and Eric Hinske's fourth inning bomb into the right field bleachers, making it 4-2 Rays, felt like a dagger. There should never feel like a dagger in the fourth inning of Opening Day, but there it was.

The first inning prepared us for what it'll be like when the Orioles get a few things going their way. The next eight showed us what we're generally going to be seeing.

They've got 161 more of these things to go.

Also of note, Andy MacPhail was on the MASN broadcast and announced that the team has signed Alex Cintron to a minor league deal, and he'll be heading to Norfolk. Expect to see Cintron by June, at the latest. Anyone with eyes will be able to figure out that Hernandez and Fahey aren't any good, have no future, and are a waste of time.
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