Cubs Trade Prospects

They have been talked about on this site a lot more than some of the other sites I know, but I thought I might throw my two cents worth into the mix and tell you about the possible names.

Sean Gallagher is a to be 22 year old right handed starter. Last year in AA + AAA, he combined to go 10-3 with a 3.10 ERA, 101.2 IP, 91 K's, 37 BB. He was brought up and pitched 8 games out of the pen for the cubs.

A full scouting report prior to the 2007 season can be found here:

I will give a sum up of what I found. He throws a fastball that can touch mid 90's but routinely is 89-91. He has a plus curveball, change and a slider. His other 2 pitches are considered average. He has good composure and good command (3 to 1 K/BB). He is projected to land as a middle of the rotation guy with #2 being his ceiling.

As for my analysis, he would rank up there with Hayden Penn as top right handed starting prospects that the Orioles have. He would land in AAA and spend the year there until the Orioles would make room for him because I can't see the O's giving the 5th starter job to someone they haven't seen all spring training. I'm, of course, thinking the Brian Roberts trade isn't happening tomorrow but rather in a week or two.

Ronny Cedeno is a to be 25 year old shortstop/2nd baseman. I would, for all intensive purposes, view him as a shortstop because the Orioles see him that way. He has spent 2 of the past 3 years part time on the major league roster with the cubs and one year as a full-time player which was in 2006. His major league numbers are not very impressive and not worth mentioning with the bat. Though, he was only 23 when he was shoved into the full-time shortstop role in Chicago. He has decent speed but he doesn't steal very well, 6 of 10 in the minors. It is said his defense is strong with a major league arm.

His full scouting report is here:

He seems to be a contact hitter who could steal a few bases and focus on hitting doubles. If he could hit +.300 like he did in AAA last year (.359) he would be our lead-off hitter this year. He would be our starting shortstop, as well, and Luis Hernandez will either have to move over or be sent down to AAA. I think he'll be sent down. I am not that thrilled with Cedeno as he is starting to develop a AAAA reputation, but he is worth giving another chance to prove his worth.

Eric Patterson is a lefty swinging second baseman to turn 25 this year. He spent all but 8 games down in AAA last year putting up a .297 avg, 24 sb's, and 14 home runs. Yes, this is Corey Patterson's brother but he is able to draw a walk (54 last year) and not strike out as much (85).

His scouting report is here:

I am happy about Eric Patterson. Speedy lefty with good contact and good defensive ability. He likes to hit line drives instead of swinging for the fence (like his brother). If he were to come over instead of or with Ronny Cedeno, he'd be our lead-off hitter. I'd much rather see him coming back in the deal because it would give us a legit speedy guy at the top of our order.

Matt Murton is a right handed outfielder to be 26. I'll give my analysis right now; I don't know why this kid hasn't been given the starting gig in Chicago. A solid line drive hitter, 2 years in the bigs, 1 as a full-time and 1 platoon. Both years he had a plus .280 batting average. He nearly walks as much as he strikes out (62/45 K/BB in 2006 as full-time player). The scouts say he's 15-20 home run power with 25-30 home run ability. To me, that sounds like a Nick Markakis type of player only without the speed. I'd be happy to have him in Baltimore because it would give us a reason to get rid of Jay Payton. Jay is there because he's the only right handed hitter we have in the outfield. The problem with Murton is that he would have to play left field and we got Luke Scott to do that. It would force Scott to a DH role or create a platoon. Both players played in a platoon last year. I think if we get Murton, we force out the riff raff and let the kid play. Put Luke Scott in the DH role and ship Huff & Gibbons out.

Here is his scouting report:

Sean Marshall is a left handed starting pitcher to be 25 years old. Marshall has had 2 partial seasons with the cubs pitching 100+ innings in both years. He has had moderate success with a 4.83 ERA in the combined 2 years. Last year, he took a jump in maturity and notched a 3.92 ERA in 103.3 IP. He is not a strike out pitcher. His K/BB is roughly 2:1 and he struck out 65 last year. He throws around 90 consistently and tries to keep the ball on the ground with a plus splitter. He, also, has a plus curveball. Curve balls generally cause fly balls. He would be another polished prospect and would be handed the 5th starter's spot. There is no reason to keep this guy in the minors anymore. It is time to sink or swim for him.

Here is his scouting report:

I would imagine this trade is a combination of at least 3 of these guys with 1 or 2 others. If the Orioles can grab anymore of these guys it would be a nice haul. Tyler Colvin and Felix Pie are the talent that the Orioles have been trying to get to headline the trade but the Cubs have been stubborn. Hopefully, with the DeRosa heart situation, the Cubs have been pressed into putting one of them into the deal with Gallagher and Patterson. That would be a solid haul for Brian Roberts and MacPhail would probably get another prospect on top of it.

Hope y'all are better educated. You can send me any questions if you like.

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