Celtics Will Be NBA Champs

All this hype surrounding the Lakers and winning the finals, I just don't see it. Yes they got a good team with Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, but I just don't see them taking the Championship this season. Somebody will mess it up an fold, they don't got the chemistry like some of the other teams have. To be honest, I don't see them winning the title in the future either.

My pick to win this years championship has to go to the Celtics. The chemistry of the team is just great, and I believe the desire of the players to win is greater then almost every other team. They had a great mid-season veteran pickups with Cassell and Brown. Ainge has done a great job with the team and they all know their rolls.

At the beginning of the season all the sports annalist were talking about how horrible the Celtics bench would be. Looks like they were wrong, which I expected them to be. Posey, House, Cassell, T Allen, and the stepped unexpected performances from Powe and Davis were huge for the Celtics this season. The performance from the bench showed guys like Barkley he does not know all, and eventually gave the bench props.

How can we forget about the starters Garnett, R Allen, Pierce, Perkins, and my boy Rondo. Barkley at the beginning of the season was talking smack about how Rondo would be the problem for the starting lineup, once again all them guys were wrong. Rondo stepped up this season and became one of the premier young point guards in the league. He's quick enough to blow by any other PG, nice passing and starting to develop a little mid range game. Looks like he's going to be the point guard of the future for the Celtics.

The intensity by Garnett has made the Celtics as focused as they are. He's just as intense during practice as he is during the game, which thrives the other players to proceed well. I believe one reason Powe and big baby has been doing so well is because of the confidence Garnett has gave them.

Ray Allen who seems like the most calm guy on the floor is actually the guy who will get in your face. He expects perfection and accepts no less from his teammates. I know from the games I watched this season he sure wasn't afraid to get in Rondo's face when he was making mistakes, which makes Rondo try harder. Oh yeah, he's also one of the best jump shooters in the league.

The Truth, who does it all. He can drive it to the lane an take the contact, or step back and hit the three. His defense has been fantastic this season and keeping everybody locked down. He's just an all around beast.

The Celtics defense this season has been  top in the NBA. There one of the hardest teams to score against, and when they get into open court its automatic. At the beginning of the year everybody was talking about how big of an offensive machine they would be. But Doc expected more and got them to believe that they also can be the top defensive team.

Yes, the Lakers got a lot of good individual players but they are not the Celtics. They haven't been playing together this hole season and just does not have that same chemistry needed to win. But we all know the finals will become Lakers Vs. Celtics because of all the advertising the league will receive . But in the end, the Lakers just wont top the Celtics, who once again will win the NBA Championship.

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