Gameday Thread: Astros (33-39) vs Orioles (36-34) (Nick Markakis Bobblehead Night)



  Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA HR BB K W-L

Shawn Chacon-RHP

14 80.2 4.69 1.45 .264 14 37 53 2-2

Brain Burres- LHP

13 75.0 5.28 1.52 .298 10 25 36 5-5



O's                                 Astros

1. BRob- 2B                         1. Michael Bourn- CF

2. Markikass - RF              2. Kaz Matsui- 2B

3. MelMo- 3B                      3. Miguel Tejada- SS

4. Audrey- 1B                     4. Lance Berkman- DH

5. Blondie- DH                    5. Carlos Lee- LF

6. LUUKE- LF                       6. Hunter Pence- RF

7. Razor Ramon-C             7. Ty Wigginton- 1B

8. Jay Payton- CF               8. Mark Loretta- 3B

9. Cintron - SS                    9. Brad Ausmus - C

O's Notes:

  • Adam Jones gets the night off with Jay Payton taking his place in centerfield. Lets hope Jay doesn't get tossed like he did the last time he took over in center for A.J. (Toronto)

  • ChadBrad won't pitch tonight after throwing two innings last night.

  • Adam Loewen got his two innings in last night after waiting out a two hour rain delay. He allowed one run and one hit. Loewen will pitch again tomorrow when Bowie travels to Altoona.

  • Single-A Fredrick pitcher Tim Bascom pitched six innings and sat down the last 11 batters he faced. He gave up one run on five hits with one walk and six strikeouts. 

Nick Markakis Bobblehead Night at the Yards

Bobble_markakis_180x150_medium  (I Really Want One!)

Get out the brooms! O's go for the series sweep!
Lets Play Some Birdland Baseball!

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