Possible October call-ups

In honor of the Orioles playing with a 25-man team in October I figured it was time to take a look at who could be called up for the 3 games in October.  Basically players need to be on the 40-man roster to be called up, and the only way to create more roster space is for somebody to go on the 60-day DL. Nobody's that injured (knock on wood)

Currently the outfield is the area taking a major beating. The outfield on the 40-man roster consists of six players plus Luuuke! who's listed as DH.  As of tonight only three of them can take the field: Screech, Lou and Markickass. Unfortunately everyone on the list is already up and injured. The lone reserves will be Wiggy and maybe one more infielder (I'd guess Andino or Turner)

Let's be honest, the real reason we're in this horrible slide is because our bullpen is breaking down as we've shut down out starting pitching and Jim Johnson. Oh yeah and they may have been overworked from throughout the season as we had our starting pitching frequently fail to make it out of the 5th.

So who's available on the 40-man roster?


Radhames Liz

Jim Miller

Troy Patton

Wilfredo Perez

Chorye Spoon

That's it.  Everyone else is on the DL. So we have slim pickings

The problem is that the Orioles have lost so many players to injuries and have shut down other players to prevent injury.  Unfortunately, not enough players are seriously injured enough to open room for another emergency player.


I've got to say I was rather surprised by how few players we have available.  I'd guess that a few of the bullpen arms might be dropped from the 40-man roster this spring.  I was kinda excited to say hey we should call somebody up, but now looking at how few choices we have, meh. I mean you could bring up Liz, but we already have Sarfate.

If you could choose would you bring anybody up and who would it be?

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