SBN Awards: Rookie of the Year awarded to Elvis Andrus and Tommy Hanson

Below are the results for Rookie of the Year as voted by the SBN baseball writers. Elvis Andrus, the slick fielding shortstop from Texas, narrowly beat A's pitcher Andrew Bailey in the American League and Braves starting pitcher Tommy Hanson solidly won in the National League. 

My votes in this category were as follows: Elvis Andrus, Brad Bergesen (the only one to give our boy a vote!), and Gordon Beckham. duck was even more of a homer than me as his votes were for Nolan Reimold, Matt Wieters, and Elvis Andrus. 

Andrus wasn't too mighty with the bat, hitting just .267/.329/.373, but his fielding was so impressive that he ended 2009 with a WAR of 3.0. 

My vote for Brad Bergesen was a sentimental one, for sure, but I do think he deserves the recognition. Despite not throwing a pitch after July 30th (thanks a LOT, Billy Butler), Bergesen still ended the season with a WAR of 2.3. There's no doubt in my mind that if 3E1N hadn't gotten in the way of the Butler line drive that he'd be much closer to the top of this list, if not number one. 

Rk Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Elvis Andrus Texas Rangers 6 9 6 63
2 Andrew Bailey Oakland Athletics 11 1 3 61
3 Jeff Niemann Tampa Bay Rays 3 5 3 33
4 Rick Porcello Detroit Tigers 2 7 2 33
5 Brett Anderson Oakland Athletics 5 1 3 31
6 Gordon Beckham Chicago White Sox 1 2 8 19
7 Nolan Reimold Baltimore Orioles 1 - 1 6
8 Matt Wieters Baltimore Orioles - 1 3 6
9 Brad Bergesen Baltimore Orioles - 1 - 3
10 Ricky Romero Toronto Blue Jays - 1 - 3
11 Travis Snider Toronto Blue Jays - 1 - 3


Check out the National League list below the jump. The results for Cy Young voting will be posted tomorrow. 

Rk Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Tommy Hanson Atlanta Braves 9 9 6 78
2 J.A. Happ Philadelphia Phillies 6 9 7 64
3 Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates 8 3 5 54
4 Chris Coghlan Florida Marlins 7 5 4 54
5 Dexter Fowler Colorado Rockies - 3 1 10
6 Randy Wells Chicago Cubs - - 6 6
7 Garrett Jones Pittsburgh Pirates 1 - - 5
8 Casey McGehee Milwaukee Brewers - 1 2 5
9 Seth Smith Colorado Rockies - 1 - 3
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