Monday Bird Droppings - Orioles News &Links

There's just not much going on in Orioles Cul-de-Sac, so take some time today to reflect and give thanks, especially for the fact we don't have to watch Brandon Fahey play shortstop anymore.

Adam Jones, politician

     "Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones was on the Ravens' sideline during warm-ups a little while a Colts Johnny Unitas jersey. It's an interesting choice in that he's showing some love for a Baltimore legend, while at the same time sporting the threads of the Ravens' opponent and rival." Wise choice, Adam, wise choice. -duck

Less juice, better results: Brandon Erbe dials it back

     "After five seasons in the Orioles' farm system, pitching prospect Brandon Erbe now subscribes to this "less can be more" theory with his fastball. He can crank it out at 95 and did often in his early years in the minors. But in 2009, as he had his best season yet, he took a little off the heater and the results were very good." -duck

Vendor's home movie of '69 Swoboda catch finally to be on TV

     "So in the top of the ninth, with one out, Orioles on first and third, down 1-0, Hanley stood on a water fountain just outside the vendors' locker room in right field. And when Brooks Robinson hit a sinking liner to right-center, and Ron Swoboda made the greatest catch in Mets history, (Tim) Hanley not only caught the catch, he caught it flush, a clean angle never before seen on our TVs." -duck


Doc not interested in re-signing with Jays | News

     "The future of the Blue Jays is not likely to include Roy Halladay. Once his contract expires after the 2010 season, the ace pitcher is reportedly not interested in re-signing with the only organization he has known." As long as he doesn't end up on BOS or NYY, I'll be OK with this. -duck

Mauer faces Yanks challenge for AL MVP

     "In the eyes of some, this season's American League Most Valuable Player Award debate will keep raging long after the Baseball Writers' Association of America reveals the results at 2 p.m. ET on Monday."

Fielder, Hanley chasing Pujols for MVP | News 

     "Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols led the Majors with 47 home runs, 124 runs scored, a .658 slugging percentage and a 1.101 on-base plus slugging percentage, perhaps the best measure of offensive production. The whole world is expecting him to be named the National League's MVP for the second consecutive year on Tuesday." In other news, water is still wet, the sun still rises in the East, and Derek Jeter is still overrated. -duck

Patient Raines Jr. awaits return to Show | News

     "[T]here's no way the younger Raines thought those first seven games in the Major Leagues would be a part of just 75 in total, none since 2004." You know, Tim, maybe, just maybe, it's time to consider a new career. -duck

Roundup: Sheffield wants chance to play | News

     "Gary Sheffield saw a number of veterans iced out of last year's free-agent market (Frank Thomas, Paul Lo Duca, Dave Roberts) and doesn't want to follow suit, telling the Boston Globe of his dedication to remaining in top shape and that he "can go out and hit at least 25 and maybe up to 40 home runs for some team if I get the chance."-duck


Salisbury Field Hockey Wins DIII National Championship

     "Caitlin Walker scored the game's only goal just 3 1/ 2 minutes into the first half Sunday as the Sea Gulls defeated previously undefeated Messiah, 1-0, at Mount Holyoke College  to win the school's fifth title in the sport." Crabcakes and field hockey! That's what Maryland does! -duck

You could be happy here, I could take care of you. I wouldn't let anybody hurt you. We could grow up together, Open Thread.

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