Rumor: O's inquire about Kevin Millwood

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Orioles have contacted the Texas Rangers about pitcher Kevin Millwood

The Orioles have recently asked the Rangers about the availability of right-handed starter Kevin Millwood, major league sources told

The talks between the clubs are not serious, one source said. However, Millwood is one of a number of options that the Orioles are pursuing.

Ok, so talks are not serious. He's one of a number of options. But NO. Just NO. I refuse to accept Kevin Millwood as an option. 

First of all, he would cost more than money. I have no idea what kind of player(s) the O's would have to give up for Kevin Millwood, but unless it's a scrub, then no. 

Kevin Millwood is not good at baseball. He had a good year last year. Well, good results-wise. But he wasn't that great. His K/BB in 2009 was 1.73 and FIP was 4.80, quite a bit higher than his 3.67 ERA. And he was crap in the last two months of the season, posting a 5.02 ERA as batters OPS'd .820 against him. 

But forget about his 2009. Look at his stats since he signed with the Rangers. 

Year Age Tm Lg ERA GS IP HR ERA+ WHIP H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 SO/BB
2006 31 TEX AL 4.52 34 215.0 23 102 1.307 9.5 1.0 2.2 6.6 2.96
2007 32 TEX AL 5.16 31 172.2 19 88 1.622 11.1 1.0 3.5 6.4 1.84
2008 33 TEX AL 5.07 29 168.2 18 88 1.595 11.7 1.0 2.6 6.7 2.55
2009 34 TEX AL 3.67 31 198.2 26 127 1.339 8.8 1.2 3.2 5.6 1.73

That's his last four years with Texas. Prior to that he spent one year with Cleveland and before that he was an NL guy. In addition to costing the Orioles whatever player they have to give up, Millwood is also going to make $12M in 2010. That would make him the highest paid Oriole. Surely the Orioles could find a better way to spend $12 million. I'm certain of it. 

I know the Orioles want a veteran starter. I understand their thinking, even. But if they want to find a starting pitcher who will probably be equal to Millwood in production and who won't cost $12M and a prospect, all they need to do is consult the free agent tracker. Might I suggest Joel Pineiro

The Orioles do not need a 35 year old substandard starting pitcher in their 2010 rotation. Seriously, Mr. MacPhail, just say no to Kevin Millwood. 

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