Our Biggest infield WEAKNESS going forward...

I know that many folks here love Brandon SNyder, and I do too, but....

1st base right now is our biggest weakness as far as in the positional perspective of our future.  AM has filled up every single hole in our lineup and field.  It of course helped that we had a decent core of strong young(for the most part) vets like Markakis and Roberts.  But the only big hole we have right now is 1B.  Snyder looks to be a ML hitter, but due to the fact that he will have to basically reach his ceiling to be a good 1Bman for a contending team, I see that as our last hole...Our OF is set with Kakes, Jones, Pie, and Reimold.  WHoever is not playing the field that night can man the DH slot.  Bell looks to be our future slugging 3B, BRob will be our prototypical leadoff hitter.  Wieters will be our masher catcher.  I don't mind even having a guy like Cesar Izturis out manning SS providing GG defemse behind our good young pitchers, even if he isn't hitting a ton, but at 1B, we will need good production. 


We have one of the best if not the best crop of young pitching systems in the minors.  Between Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, Erbe, Johnson, Britton, Hobgood, Henry,Cowan, and Berry I am sure we will find ourself 5 starting pitchers each good enough to start on a contending team.  The bullpen will be full of live arms from the minors, some who came up as good SP prospects, others who came up strictly as relievers. but regardless it should be set. 


It all comes back to 1B.  If Snyder gives up a .850 OPS every year, I am happy, I am content with him being our starting 1B, but if not, he needs to be replaced.  If he gives us .775 OPS with average defense, he is not our guy for the future.  We need to find us a masher at 1B who can carry our offense, a bat to put in the middle of Jones, Reimold, Wieters, Bell and Pie.  In most leagues, this would be considered overkill, but in the AL East, we need the production from every single angle. 


IMO our team currently contructed:

C: Wieters


2B: Roberts

SS:  Izturis


LF:  Pie

CF: Jones

RF: Markakis

DH: Reimold



SP: Guthrie

SP: Bergy

SP: Matusz

SP: Tillman




RP: Mickolio

RP: Johnson

RP: Berken

RP: (Perez)

RP: Hendrickson

RP: (Lebron)

RP: Uehara


This team currently contructed can do some damage.  We have guys with so little experience, that every single game they will get better.  They are still getting acclimated to the ML for the most part.  Now, if we had that 1B prospect that was a hands down masher, like Bell is at 3B, then we would be in a good bit better shape.  What 1B prospect do you guys feel would complete our core and make our team a well rounded solid team?


IMO, Kyle Blanks would be  tremendous to have.  As would a guy like Smoak or Yonder Alonso

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