2008- What I am looking forward to this season.

The best part about the beginning of Spring Training and the beginning of baseball season is the hopes that every team has.  Every player has a dream about what they want to do personally on the field and hopes about what their team accomplishes.  As a Baltimore Orioles fan I know what I am looking forward to and hoping for and dreaming about.

1. Adam Jones- I really can't wait to see his improvement. He seemed to calm down at the plate late in the season and he seems like he could be a cornerstone for the franchise.

2. An opposing base runner turning the corner at third on the way to home plate when Nick Markakis has just fielded a ground ball.  Might as well make a call to NASA to turn on the rocket engines, because one of my favorite plays to watch is seeing Markakis heave the ball to home plate to catch a base runner.

3. Seeing Matt Weiters catch the ball thrown by Nick Markakis.  Seeing this will get me very excited because this means that Weiters is on the team and hopefully living up to his hype.

4. While watching an Orioles game I often find myself daydreaming aboout Cal Ripken Jr.  I look forward to this because, well, Cal makes me smile.

5. Maybe, just maybe, one of the Orioles pitchers will step up and get the team excited. Maybe.

6. Could the Orioles pull a Tampa Bay Rays....? No?

7. Even though the Orioles will most likely be fighting to stay out of the bottom of the division, I am really looking forward to watching the Yankees fall on their faces again, and seeing CC Sabathia just not live up to his contract...and while I'm on the Yankees, I can't wait to see more of the fall-out from the A-Roid controversy.

8. Ok, this has nothing to do with the Orioles or the division, but I really want to see Ken Griffey Jr. back in Seattle. It just seems right.

9.  Ending the season with the Orioles having a winning record with games played on Sundays.

10. I just can't wait for the season to start. I'll stock up on my sunflower seeds, get the old hat out, and relax in my chair watching the O's play.

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