Reading Between the Lines: Freel Wants Out

MASN's Steve Melewski is reporting that Ryan Freel isn't happy with his situation.

Freel went on the DL April 21st after getting beaned on a throw to second and was hospitalized with a mild concussion.

Since then, he was supposed to go on a rehab assignment at Delmarva but that was called off for precautionary reasons.

I'm sorry Freel feels this way.  I really am.  But he needs to get over it.  He's had several concussions in his career and for the Orioles Front Office to be concerned with this most recent one makes perfect sense.  Andy seems to be treating Freel as if he were an investment, protecting him to maximize his time with the team once he's back from the DL, instead of simply as a player.

Freel, unfortunately, doesn't get that.  His comments are dripping with inuendo that he wants to be traded, that he doesn't feel appreciated, and that, perhaps, the Orioles are conspiring against his career.

For a guy who has been referred to as a team first player, with less personal motivation, these comments seem entirely selfish.  He's more concerned with his career playing time and numbers than the possibilty that he could get hurt again later in the season and hurt the team.

Seriously, calm your britches.  You'll be back when you're healthy.  You were hit in the head by a baseball!  It's not like the team is holding you back after a back spazm.

A reporter asked Freel if he was not happy here, did he think MacPhail would attempt to move him somewhere where he can be happy.

"Yes, I think so. I think Andy and I are on the same page. I wasn't very happy with the situation but what can you do."

Melewski says.

All right, bye.  Hope we can get some pieces for you and you don't suffer any perminanent brain damage after your next concussion.

P.S. - What team is looking for a guy like Freel?  The Yankees will undoubtably have some injuries in the near future with Matsui and Damon, and with Nady out it seems like a possibilty.  Then again, what's Freel worth?

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