Interesting observations about the Orioles from SOSH

I didn't see any posts about Fan Fest here, and since I don't frequent any other O's blogs on a regular basis, I thought I'd post something that I found.

Over at Sons of Sam Horn (Red Sox community that really puts OH to shame), they have a section where members can "adopt" an MLB team and follow it like a journalist, posting tidbits of info and whatever else they happen to come across about the team. Here's a link to the thread about the Orioles, specifically an entry about Fan Fest:

Orioles Fan Fest observations

The highlights from the Q&A session with the O's coaching staff and brass were really interesting.  You can read them for yourself when you follow the link, and some of the topics (like the blue-collar attitude of the club, the grow arms buy bats philosophy) have been covered here already.  I'll just highlight a few other points that I liked:


  • Orioles felt Pedro was asking for reasonable money and would consider him if they were one man away, but they obviously aren't.  Also, Pedro brings his "own program" to the clubhouse and that doesn't jive with the objectives in place right now
  • Rick Kranitz will not tolerate people calling his players "clowns"
  • O's starters will be given more rope than you might expect - the consensus is that the perennial August collapses are due to overworking the bullpen
  • Teixeira comments were the most interesting to me - it doesn't seem like he was ever interested in the Orioles, despite what the media claimed.  The fact that this version of events was revealed at fanfest - you know, April 5th, 2009 - really puts in perspective Teixeira's comments that teams used the media to further their agenda 
  • Trembley really, really, really, really, really, really loves the WBC, even if it means less ST time for BRob.

That's it.  I know the whole Teixeira thing is really starting to get old, but it's nice to finally hear what was happening behind the scenes re: Tex and the O's.




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