Marlins 7, Orioles 6: 12 innings of Baseball in front of Chewbacca and a few of his friends

First, if you didn't watch the game, there was a fan who stayed the whole game dressed as Chewbacca in a Marlins jersey. MASN must've shown him like 10 times.  Also as usual attendance was horrible, announced 10,222, seemed like much less. The pitching matchup was Koji vs. Andrew Miller

The O's started the game with a run in the first on a sac fly by Nick Markakis to score Brian Roberts

Koji s and went 6 innings with 7 hits and only one run, a Dan Uggla home run to left.

All was calm with nothing but 0's on the board for both teams until the bottom of the 7th, when  Danys Baez came in for Koji. The bases were loaded after John Baker  scored on a fielders choice, making it 2-1 Marlins.. Hanley Ramirez then hit a grand slam to left center field. Chris Ray came on and pitched very well, allowing only 1 hit in 1.2 innings, helping keep the defecit at 5 in his first outing back from Norfolk.

The Orioles have a lot of fight in them, and especially lately, never give up till the end. In the 8th they would chip away at the lead off new pitcher Leo Nunez. Matt Wieters  lead off with a solo homer. Robert Andino would get to 3rd with nobody out.  Unfortuanently the hero of the weekend Brian Roberts ground out into a double play. Andino scored, but then Nick Markakis struck out. Going to the 9th, Marlins 6, O's 3.

The 9th was so much fun to watch, and I loved the strategy of Dave Trembley to get the game tied. The Marlins closer, Matt Lindstrom came in to pitch. At first it looked like it was going to be an easy save as Adam Jones and Aubrey Huff both ground out, putting the O'd down to their last hope Melvin Mora. He singled. Let the fun begin!! Luke pinch hit for Ray and got another single. Then Matt Wieters did the same, scoring Mora. This is where Trembleys strategy got fun, with no one on the bench to pinch run for Wieters except Zaun, he chose the ace Jeremy Guthrie. This paid huge dividends, as he was able to get to 3rd on the next play a Ty Wiggington pinch hit single which score Luke. The final bit of offense was to tie the game, Oscar Salazar hit yet  another single. The inning finally ended on a Brian Roberts ground out.   In the bottom of the 9th there were 4 defensive changes from the pinch hitters/runners staying in the game or in the case of Guthrie Zaun coming into catch. This  left no one for Trembley to use on his bench except pitchers. Off to extras we go...

 Jim Johnson came in and pitched 2 very good innings, only one hit. 

No real events in the 10th. The O's next chance to win came in the 11th, when with one out Ty Wigginton hit a single, but was for reasons unknown to me or anyone thrown out trying to leg it into a double He wasn't even close to safe. We would have had 1st and 3rd one out with Rich Hill pinch hitting, instead 2 outs, he lines to center, end of threat.

Brian Bass came in the 11th and shut the Marlins down.

The O's did nothing in the top of the 12th except a Markakis single.

The Marlins won in the bottom of the 12th of Brian Bass after a walk to Bonificio, wild pitch, and a single by Jorge Cantu.

Great comeback by the O's was squandered, gotta wonder how different it would've been without that Wiggington blunder .

 Back at it Tommorrow 7:10, MASN 2 Berken(1-3) vs. Nolasco(3-6)

Orioles vs Marlins boxscore | FishStripes

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