They Are Who We Thought Were....

....and we let 'em off the hook.  No pun intended.

This is my first time doing a game recap, although there is very little to recap.  The O's once again made an average pitcher look fantastic while showing off a clear understanding of the game's fundamentals.

We started with two runners on in the first inning (yea, even Felix Pie got a hit), but got no runs.  The Marlins did the same, mostly thanks to a Jason Berken four pitch walk, but they actually capitalized on Hanley Ramirez's two run single.  All 21 fans at the luxurious LandShark Stadium went nuts.

The Marlins would get another run on Cody Ross' double (once again following a Jason Berken walk) and all 21 fans went nuts.  Jason Berken actually didn't pitch so bad and he wasn't really helped out by any solid defense (Melmo) or run support.

The O's actually tried to make it interesting in the 6th with a routine groundball from Nick Markakis that Marlin's 3B Emilio Bonaficio (you know you're bad when the Nationals get rid of you.  Just ask Daniel Cabrera) threw away to score Brian Roberts.  Even Melvin Mora got an RBI single. 

Mark Hendrickson tried his very best to give the two runs right back, but Nick Markakis, who now leads the AL in outfield assists, wouldn't have anything of it.  He threw a rocket from RF to gun down Jeremy Hermida at the plate.  Dan Uggla decided to make an O's-esque baserunning mistake and not take second on the throw, allowing Hendro to work out of the jam and at least postponing further damage.

This is where it gets good.  Bonaficio reached first on an infield single, barely beating a good throw from Brian Roberts.  Unfortunately, C Matt Wieters, trying to nail the basestealer, put the throw into center.  Yes, even He makes mistakes on occasion.  To make things worse, Felix Pie decided to think for once.  "I was trying to decide where to throw the ball," said Pie after the game,  "then I realized I hadn't actually thought about anything in a while, so I decided to pause for a brief moment to mark the occasion!"  Meanwhile, Bonaficio waltzed home for the Marlins fourth run and I turned the game off.  All 21 fans went nuts.

Something must have happened after that because the scored ended up 5-2.  I'm sure it was exciting.  Hoping to avoid a sweep, the O's are back at again tonight at 7:10 on MASN2.  Rich Hill will be on the mound looking to duplicate his solid performance againts the Phils last Friday. 

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