Bad Umpires? Game 2

Game 2 of the Orioles-Red Sox Series featured more complaints about the Umps. But how bad was it? Game 1 showed inconsistency for sure, and Game 2 shows even more of the same.

First up, the Red Sox. They sent 47 men to the plate in this game, and by my calculations they had 4 blatant miscalls and 5 borderline calls. That's only 19% of their batters, which is a huge drop from game 1 on Monday.


David Ortiz takes the 4th pitch for a called strike in the first inning.


In the third, Jason Bay takes the first pitch for a called strike.


Dustin Pedroia takes a pitch inside for a called strike one. You'll notice a lot of pitches in that area of the plate being called for strikes in this game.


Pedroia again, this time in the 9th inning, taking the first pitch for an inside strike.

To see some additional questionable calls to the Red Sox batters, click here.

The Orioles had a bit more questionable calls than the Red Sox did in this game. I counted 12 obvious miscalls and one borderline miscall to Melvin Mora. They sent 40 batters to the plate in the game, making for mistakes on about 32% of the batters.


Here's Luke Scott in the 2nd inning, taking the fifth pitch for a called strike.


Felix Pie takes the first pitch for a called strike. I suppose this one could be considered somewhat borderline actually.


Matt Wieters gets a bad outside called strike on the 2nd pitch.


Brian Roberts gets totally screwed in the sixth inning as pitches 3 and 5 are both called strikes.


Felix Pie takes the 2nd pitch for a strike, also in the 6th inning.


The last mistake of the 6th inning. After the 2nd pitch is called a strike, Nick Markakis chases the third out of the zone for the K.


On to the 7th inning and Aubrey Huff. The 2nd pitch is called a strike, so when the fourth pitch went to the same place Aubrey went after it.


Luke Scott takes the 2nd pitch for a ball despite its location, but doesn't get as lucky on the third pitch, a called strike well outside.


Felix Pie in the 8th inning. He swung at the 2nd pitch but managed to hold back on the third. Didn't matter since it was called a strike anyway.


Nolan Reimold gets a lucky ball called in the 8th inning.


Oscar Salazar takes the first pitch for a strike.


For the fourth mistake in the 8th inning, Matt Wieters takes the first pitch for a called strike. Is that why he chased pitches 3 and 4?


And here's the borderline call for Melvin Mora in the 2nd inning, a pitch called in Melvin's favor.

Pretty awful. A lot of those pitches were called incorrectly near the same part of the plate which I guess is why you saw other swinging pitches in that zone as the batters tried to get to them.

I'll tackle game 3 later on today probably.

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