Earl Weaver--Sports Illustrated

In the latest Sports Illustrated there was a really enjoyable "Where are they now?" feature on Earl.  Roch talks about it here.  Basically the article talks about how innovative he was as a manager.  It mentions how he was a proponent of OBP well before even the earliest Moneyball theory began being developed.  It also talks about how vehemently he opposed practices such as the hit-and-run and the sacrifice bunt.  Meanwhile, the article sprinkles in great quotes from the Earl of Baltimore.   


Some memorable quotes from the piece below the jump:

"I never had a hit-and-run.  No sign," Weaver says.  "Here's the deal.  I hear it on the radio and Joe Morgan, for crissakes.  Get a guy on first.  He walked.  The pitcher is 2 and 0 on the next batter.  'Perfect time for a hit-and-run,' the announcer says.  If the pitcher could throw a strike, don't you think he would have thrown it to the guy on first?"
Weaver: [To his team at a closed-door meeting] You guys don't want to win bad enough!  I never failed to get a guy in from third base with less than two outs!

Pitcher Dave McNally:  Yeah, and you never played higher than Double A.

Weaver:  And another thing, if you don't make the last out of the game, you never lose!  I never made the last out.

[Pitcher Jim Palmer raises his hand.]

Weaver:  What?

Palmer:  We all know why you never made the last out, Earl.

Weaver:  Why?

Palmer:  Because they always pinch-hit for you.

Weaver:  Aw, you ruined the mood, Palmer!

On the field in fromt of him, the Orioles throw out a runner at first base by a step.  Weaver smiles at the perfection of the mundane.  "Doubleday made those bases, home to first, just the right distance," Weaver says.  "They're all out by a step."

And finally, while watching Adam Eaton pitch in Spring Training:

Whack!  "Mix in a wild pitch or something!"

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