Trembley should hit the road

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OKay well here's my rant on Trembley, your welcome to disagree, add your opinion or comment.

1. His lack of balls to stand up and say someone stunk tonight.
I know its not the place of the coach to put down his players but game after game all I hear is "we just didn't have enough tonight," or "we made some mistakes." Having such a young team, people need to be corrected and told what they're doing wrong. A continued 'oh well we'll get them next time," has led this team to 12 losing seasons. We need a coach with some tough love to point out what these players are doing wrong.

2. Back to the basics?

From spring training Trembley had preached about going back to the basics and fundamentals. I've seen countless mistakes from base runners. Now this may be at the hands of the base coaches but I've never seen so many people thrown out on the basepaths by a mile. Rarely have I seen our team take the extra base, or when we attempt it they might as well ran straight to the dugout. If these problems are at the hands of the players though Trembley should be putting his foot down telling individuals that they are making mistakes. Its a learning process but actions need to be taken instead of Trembley merely pointing out that they are a problem. We know they're a problem! There are plenty of other small issues but I'll just leave it at I have seen the Orioles migration to the basics.

3. Trembley's ideas of building for the future

Rebuilding/Building for the future whatever you may want to call it Trembley and I have quite different ideas of how this should be completed. 9 times out of 10 he'll pull a starter before the big break open. While I understand the reasons behind it I think there are plenty of great reasons to leave the pitcher in, just hear me out. 1. While they may give up runs our young pitchers have to begin to believe in their stuff and believe they can get anyone out, even if they can't. If they begin to get into trouble they're going to begin to doubt themselves and once someone comes in to replace them, they realize that the coach doesn't think they can get them out either. 2. A large amount of time when a starter gets pulled this season the bullpen has allowed inherited runner to score anyways. So does this really solve save the pitchers confidence at all? 3. Once again our relievers are shot as the final months come to a close. Jim Johnson has given up runs when we can usually breeze through an inning. Dany Baez is good for at least a run an outing along with a game winner if he has the chance. This is just another reason to push these young starters to go further into games whether we are winning or getting blown out. I'm not saying stop trying to win, but I believe this final 1/3 of the season should be taken as a learning experience for the young players/a tryout period for next year.

Reimold/Wieters not being in the lineup: These two guys should be getting as many at bats as possible. To expect them to be everyday players of the future they should not be losing at bats to these season veterns. I understand to save Wieters knees and keep him fresh but why not DH when zaun is catching, or even give him a try at 1B, for the slumping Huff? Just get the kid as many as bats as possible and see as much Major League pitching as possible. As for Reimold I don't see how you can leave this kid out of the lineup most days. He's got a great bat on his shoulder, a great eye and is still learning the field.

Another thing with Reimold and Wieters, Wednesday night for example.....Zaun is about to come up to bat with two guys on and two out. A vetern yes, but why not pinch hit Wieters in this situation. Again another valuable learning experience. You've already come back to get 2 runs in the 9th, why not throw Wieters up to the plate to prove himself and see if hes the hero we all hope he can be? So what he strikes out, (same result as zaun) then bummer we can't complete the comeback. Whereas he gets a single or even better then the kid is a hero and he now knows that he can compete in the pressure of the situation. Its really nothing against Zaun, i love the guy and would love to see him back next year but he may not be, so next year, when we're in the same position would't you like to know that he's been in this position before? We need to start putting these guys in some of these positions to see what theyre built of so we know whose ready for when it really counts.

4. Has he completely forgotten about the bench (during the game)?

First off I was personally real upset when Salazar was traded because he proved that he could get a clutch hit off the bench, and he is still doing it with his new team. And it was nice we had a player who could step up and get that one hit we needed. Which leads to me to how its seems as if Trembley has completely forgotten that he has bench players since interleague play ended. Late in the game why not play the odd or get a fresh bat at the plate even if it is Felix Pie. If a guy is struggling at the plate or isn't making much contact why not throw someone out there. This leads me to my next subject.

5. Hey your getting a day off next week.

This is something that bugs the hell out of my that Trembley does. What in the world is his thinking behind this??? Our starters should be mentally prepared every game thinking they re going to be in the line up. There are so many things wrong we telling someone they have a day off coming up. First I'll compare it to most people in their working lives. If its been a long week at work and you know the weekend is coming up, Friday can you really take it seriously? You're just counting the minutes till you get to walk out the door. I know that baseball isn't suppose to be a job but a passion. But it is they're job. I just don't understand giving players a reason to not have they're minds on the game instead thinking about how late they can stay out that night or what great things they can do next week because they re not playing. To go along with this each player on your team should want to be in the game everyday. (sad as it is at least mora shows that he wants to play everyday, even if when hes playing it doesn't look like it). But if you have a team full of players that want to pitch or play every game then you'll have a more competitive team. Even with the bench players. They should be on the tip of their toes hoping that the coach calls his name to come in and make a play. This may be more of a team moral thing, but I believe that Trembley's work schedule theories have a large portion to deal with this. O and by the way we used to have a guy that played here that showed up to work everyday and played through slump and sickness.....

6. Day games

Why in the world does Trembley insist on dumping the bench onto the field on day games or more often Sundays. This may have been the cause for the 14 (or however many it was) straight losses on Sunday last year...There is nothing wrong with giving guys days off, but when you do it all on the same day your potentially watering down your team. This just might have to do with why we are now 18 games under .500, add up the day game losses or games when he dumps the bench we may be much closer to that elusive winning season.

Finally I'll end with this. Test the limits. This is a young team with alot of potential. But I believe we need to start push/testing these guys to see what they can and can't do. I have seen this slightly in the lineup the past couple of days seeing Jones and Nicky taking turns at the cleanup spot and Noly at no. 2. But it needs to be team wide. See what they can do and can't FOR THE FUTURE. They're still young they need to find out what they can and can't do and how they can improve theyre game. Have izzy or dino lay down a bunt have Reimold do some hit and run with Brob on base. And please play some small ball every once in a while, because we can get the big inning but obviously with our current pitching the big inning hasn't been enough. These are all problems I see with Trembley's coaching style and our young team. Please let me know what you all think and keep in mind this is just my opinion.

Also taking any suggestions for replacements. I just saw Chris Hoiles stepped down from his head coach position at York Revolution, possible candidate?

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