Corner infield situation

In a deal that makes little sense, the Giants have signed Aubrey Huff to fill in their corner infield "void".  That means they have Juan Uribe, Pablo Sandoval, Mark DeRosa, Huff, and Travis Ishikawa competing for duties at first and third.  That said, I'm sure Uribe and DeRosa make the most sense as a roving utility men, DeRosa also spending time at second and the outfield corners if needed, leaving Sandoval at third and Ishikawa on the bench.

It's a sad day when Aubrey Huff takes over for a young first baseman that outhit him last year, and it leads me to a question...

Will we demand that Andy MacPhail pull off a similar deal next offseason if Brandon Snyder doesn't set the world on fire?

The reason I ask this question is that the Os have reached the "shit or get off the pot" stage of the rebuilding process.  They're loaded with talent that should push them into contention over the next two years.  Jones, Markakis, Wieters, and Reimhold all produced last season and Matusz, 3E, and Tillman have shown flashes of either brilliance or the ability to hold down the fort.  Now, with Snyder and Bell, the offensive prospects have essentially been spent with little left in the cupboard.

Sure, Brandon Warring could come up and become the big bat we're all hoping he, Bell, and Snyder will but who knows with prospects?  If Snyder shows up around the All-Star break and hits .270+ with loads of doubles and few homers, will MacPhail and the fan base be happy?

With all the complaining I've been hearing here and on Roch's blog, it seems they won't.  Fans want Snyder to be that guy that chose wrong last offseason (because he's a jerk) instead of a clone of Mark Grace.  They want someone who can step in, hit 30-35 homers, and help the team compete instead of what Snyder projects to be; a guy that hits around .300 with 35-40 doubles and around 15 homers.

So, the question is, what will MacPhail do if things don't work out for Snyder as they did with Ishikawa?

Hell, Ishikawa was a solid defender and hit .261/.329/.387 in 113 games at first and has been deposed by Aubery Huff, a guy passed his prime and should be coming off the bench to spell Ishikawa or Sandoval or pinch hit from time to time instead of playing first consistently.

What say ye?

(Sorry for the rambling nature of this post, I've had a long day and my head hurts)

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