Tuesday Bird Droppings

Question of the Day: It's MVP season, with Joey Votto rightly winning the NL prize yesterday and most likely Josh Hamilton getting another ginger ale shower this afternoon. Much has been made over the years about the most "valuable" player not necessarily being the "best" player due to team performance. What say you on the subject? -Andrew

Randolph likely for O's final coaching spot | MLB.com: News
Orioles manager Buck Showalter is expected to finalize his coaching staff in the next day or two, and it appears that former second baseman and manager Willie Randolph will claim the final spot. -zk

Orioles Insider: Randolph, O's talking about final coaching spot
Willie Randolph looks to be the last of the new coaches for the Orioles.

Steve Melewski: Expanded playoffs may be the right move for baseball
The MASN blogger decides expanded playoffs might be a good thing.

Steve Melewski: More O's minor leaguers are released
The O's released 14 more minor leaguers, as the team sheds two affiliates and just doesn't need as many players.

Moody’s rates Sarasota bonds for Orioles stadium | Tampa Bay Business Journal
The Stadium project gets a pretty good bond rating.

Delaware North seeks managers at Oriole Park | Baltimore Business Journal
If you ever wanted to work in retail or concessions, now's your chance.

Comparing FIPS and xFIPS Using Batted Ball Distance | FanGraphs Baseball
I know some of you will love reading this piece, and some of you are wondering if my keyboard is working correctly.

Mickey Mantle’s Final Speech Highlights Grey Flannel’s Holiday Auction - Cardboard Connection
A few Orioles items are included, but take a look at the item fetching the 10th highest bid at the time of publication.

Posting window for Nishioka closes Tuesday
The posting window for Japanese batting champion Tsuyoshi Nishioka closes Tuesday, and there is little indication from the winter meetings in Orlando, Fla., if any teams are considering bidding on the rights to negotiate with the infielder. 

October’s refugees
Who are the best players from the wild card era to never play in the postseason? Brian Roberts and Érik Bédard are on Chris Jaffe's list at Hardball Times. -zk

Reds 1st baseman Joey Votto wins National League MVP - baltimoresun.com
Congratulations, Joey Votto.

All right, listen up. You people will not die on me in combat. You ... new guys will do everything you can to prove me wrong. You'll walk on trails, kick cans, sleep on guard, smoke dope and diddely-bop through the bush like you were back on the Open Thread.

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