Baseball Mogul League

In the comments on today's Bird Droppings, a few of us had the idea of making a Camden Chat Baseball Mogul league.  If you don't know what Baseball Mogul is, it's a baseball simulation game.  Basically, you're the GM of the team, so you draft players, groom prospects, convince Albert Pujols that Baltimore is the greatest city on the planet.  Besides managing your team, you also have to manage your finances (TV contracts, ticket prices, etc.).  The 2006 version was released for free, and you can download it here.

I'm pretty new to Baseball Mogul, so I still don't know much about it, but I'm willing to try an online league.  Unfortunately, as I'm new to it, I really don't know how to make a league.  In the open thread, though, NewYorkOriole said we would have to email a file around to each other, so once we agree to make a league we'd have to exchange email addresses (and it would be a bit of a pain, but I think it'd be worth it).  Yes, I sound like an idiot, but I'll probably figure it out.

If you're interested, leave a comment.  Also, if you already know how to make a league, feel free to make a Camden Chat one yourself, or leave a comment pointing in the right direction.

Also, unfortunately only one of us can be the Orioles.  And I doubt this would happen, but if 30 of us want to play, two people would have to be the Red Sox or Yankees (although at that point we could just split the leagues).

EDIT: Okay, so I just did what I probably should have done before i even wrote this, and that's look at the help menu.  This is what it says (credit to Sports Mogul Inc.):


"Running a Baseball Mogul League" refers to the process of playing a game of Baseball Mogul on your computer while other people (usually from all over the Internet) control other teams in your Baseball Mogul Universe. It generally works like this:

  1. Players send your their "orders" (such as lineup changes, or trades they have made)
  2. You enter these orders into Baseball Mogul
  3. You simulate a certain number of days
  4. You e-mail the new Baseball Mogul ".mog" file to the other team owners
  5. (Optional) You maintain a web site with updated standings, transactions and the like

So everyone would download Baseball Mogul 2006 themselves and we'd have to designate a League Commissioner.  Everyone looks at the file and makes their decisions.  They email the decisions to the league Commissioner, who then enters the moves.  The Commissioner then emails the new file out to everyone, and repeat.  To prevent cheating, the help guide also said that the Commissioner can make a password, but I trust you guys enough not to cheat.

So, yeah, it would be a bit of a pain in the ass, and the Commissioner would have to put a bit of time into this (not sure how much).

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