April MBP Awards

So i decided that this year I was going to keep track of the Most Birdland Player Awards. Apparently I chose the


wrong year to do so. There were a number of games without MBP polls, partially because the Orioles were losing so badly (BAD!) and partially because a number of non-admins did  write-ups (GOOD). I didn't check all the fanposts for MBP polls since i know that at least one or two got mainpaged (I think) so i didn't want to double count them. Table and observations after the jump.


All players are listed in reverse order of appearance. Basically I went back and listed players by appearance starting with the April 31st poll. This produced some interesting results. Matt Wieters appeared fairly early on but hasn't been listed recently. Wiggy has likewise not garnered the attention he deserves.


Players MBP awards MBP Votes Total Votes Mentions
Miguel Tejada 1 187 + 6+ 63 256 3
Adam Jones 1 3+209 212 2
Nick Markakis   0 + 62+ 74+11 147 4
Matt Albers   4+ 19 23 2
Brian Matusz 4 143+185+104+165 597 4
No One 1 90+94+18+by Stacie+56+ 69+90 417 7
Chris Tillman 1 257 257 1
Cesar Izturis   93+5 98 2
Alberto Castillo 1 130 130 1
Rhyne Hughes 1 64+ 235 299 1
Cla Meredith   87 87 1
Kevin Millwood 1 150+17 167 2
Lou Montanez   7 7 1
Jason Berken   75 75 1
Ty Wigginton   28+132+27 187 3
Are You Kidding Me? 1 197 197 1
Jim Johnson   7 7 1
Trembley   2 2 1
Matt Wieters   2+ 80+21 103 3
Luke Scott   7+5 12 2
David Hernandez 1 115 115 1
Julio Lugo   6 6 1
Nolan Reimold   2+ 22 24 2
Brian Roberts   21 21 1
Garret Atkins   136 136 1
Jeremy Guthrie 1 164 164 1


So the interesting parts first. Brian Matusz is the MAN.  He went 4 for 4 winning every MBP poll he was in. He was also the ONLY player to win multiple MBP awards. Brian also won total votes although when "No One" was combined with "Are You Kidding Me?" he lost. Nick Markakis tied for the most mentions by an actual player with Brian, although one of those mentions received 0 votes. Chris Tillman's no-hitter in the minors had the highest individual vote count with 257. Adam Jones was the only other player to get over 200 votes in a game. 

Another interesting tidbit was that five members of the bullpen received votes totaling 6 mentions and 1 MBP. This compared to four of our starters (can you guess the missing member?) totaling 8 mentions and 7 MBP awards. That doesn't even include Tillman who's still in the minors. Basically we've received good results from our pitching, minus the closer. Surprisingly the one closer to earn multiple saves without blowing one hasn't received a mention. Also totally called that he would be best suited for relief, although he hasn't been nearly as effective as I imagined. Of course he's returned from Tommy John surgery in LESS than a year (went under the knife in May).

For the position players it has been a mixed bag. Wiggy somehow hasn't received one MBP even though he's been the hottest hitter on the team.  Neither has Wieters. However Adam Jones won a MBP early on. Te jada, Nick and Hughes seem to be the likeliest to earn a second MBP soon (edit: Well apparently Hughes also got over 200 votes on one day of voting).  Cizzy may end up with most mentions without winning a MBP. JJ and Lou both have more votes than either Diamond Dave and our backup second baseman do.  So apparently everyone's first choice to be traded or dropped from the roster is Lugo

It seems that anyone over 100 votes is in the running for an MBP while over 180 the player has it. 200 votes is a rare threshold that typically comes on high attendance nights (wins, first night etc). Weiters, Miggy, and Wiggy each have three mentions tied for second place showing their value to the team. Somehow Pie, even with Stacie around, never got a mention and presumably won't for a while (adorableness does not mix with muscle)

Take a look. What surprises you?

MAJOR EDIT: Apparently someone else has been keeping track of MBP awards for over a year and i just have never seen it before (yeah embarrassing).  That someone is dayzd and you can go  here to check it out. i apparently missed Tejada winning one, while he doesn't have Tillman winning one (that may be a conscious decision. He has Nick winning that night's). But check it out.

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