Rounds 5-10 analysis

Go below the fold for my quick and dirty on the O's picks.

5th Round - Connor Narron, HS shortstop - The son of former major leaguer and manager Jerry Narron, Connor Narron is a toolsy shortstop who may have makeup issues; scouts say that he lets the play come to him.  More an offensive than defensive prospect, he has a solid average bat with solid average power and some projection left.  He's a below average runner but has a plus arm, leading some to think his eventual home is third.  A strong NC commit who may be unsignable.

6th Round - Dixon Anderson, college sophomore INF/RHP  - His future is on the mound.  Anderson has a plus fastball with 92-94 velocity, average breaking balls with a curve and a slider, and a splitter instead of a changeup.  Has had major command problems, and as a sophomore eligible will require an overslot deal to keep him from going back to school to improve his draft spot.  Durable, workhorse body gives him a ceiling of a mid-rotation starter.

7th Round - Matthew Bywater, college LHP - Bywater was undrafted out of high school but has been a horse at Pepperdine, and has been one of the most effective college pitchers.  His stuff is fringe for the pros, however, with an average fastball from 88-91, an average curve, and a plus changeup.  Considered signable.

8th Round - Wynston Sawyer, HS catcher - Essentially Michael Ohlman all over again.  A pop up guy close to the draft, Sawyer has impressive skills at the plate, with solid average to plus contact ability to go with plus raw power although he sometimes has shown poor pitch recognition.  Not excellent tools defensively, and they don't really project to get tons better.  Expected to require an overslot bonus.

9th Round - Parker Bridwell, RHP; high school - I know nothing about this guy; not in Andy Seiler's guide.

10th Round - Clay Schrader, RHP, JuCo - A reliever with a big fastball, at 92-94 and touching 96, and two good breaking pitches in a plus slider and above average curve.  Has problems with consistency and command.  Signable.  A nice get; Seiler has him as a 4-6th round guy.

Analysis - Well, the O's didn't jump on any of the major signability guys, but they did pursue a bunch of more mid-level overslot guys.  None of them should break the bank, which means that we should sign all of them.  We got good value out of these picks, even though we didn't get great value out of any of them.  Nicely balanced group too.  A very Jordanesque draft.

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