Birds Up, O's Down for Aug. 24-29

Koji Uehara celebrates a save. He did that a lot last week. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Here's who's hot and who's not among the Orioles this week:

Birds Up

Matt Wieters (CA) - Much better week for Switch Hitting Jesus, as he posted a .400 AVG (although a .353 OBP) while going 6-for-15 with two SAC flies.
Nick Markakis (RF) - Yet another week above .300 AVG for Nick. The bat seems to be back.  Now if Corey would just let him field the position...
The Starting Pitching - Kevin Millwood goes 8.0 IP of shutout ball, Jeremy Guthrie goes 8.1 of shutout ball, Brian Matusz pitched deep for the second start in a row, Brad Bergesen has back-to back good starts. Only Jake Arrieta stumbled, and I blame his 'stache for that.  A pretty good week for starting pitching.
Koji Uehara (RHP) - He had three saves in three tries, and while he did allow one run in those three appearances, his arrival in a game now means the O's are gonna win. And those sideburns are all kinds of awesome.
Brian Roberts (2B) - He was batting .385 for the week, hitting doubles and stealing bases again when he went out with a hip problem. He's supposed to be back soon. Here's hoping.

O's down

Ty Wigginton (1B) - Remember when he was our All-Star? Yeah, not last week. A .167 AVG, a .250 SLG and .480 OPS is unfortunately closer to the norm for the second half of the year for Wiggy. Hope you took lots of photos at the All-Star Game, Ty. You're not going back anytime soon like this.
Julio Lugo (2B) - He and Izzy are having a contest, apparently, over who can bat the worst while playing middle infield. A .125 AVG, a .222 OBP and a .125 SLG is putrid by even replacement-level player status.
Cesar Izturis (SS) - No glove can make up for the suck that is Izzy at the plate this year. In the past week, he sported a .200/.238/.200/.438 slash line, and that was with him going 3-for-4 on Saturday.
Corey Patterson (LF) - Corey sat on the bench quite a bit when Buck Showalter took over, and he's giving Buck reason to plant him back there. He went 2-for-18 with two singles for the week. Two hits in six games, four of which he started. Not good.
Luke Scott (DH) - Ugh. When he cools off, he cools off. A .130 AVG, .261 SLG and just 3 hits in 23 AB for the week. Yeah, there was a HR, but 3-for-23?
Adam Jones (CF) - Adam went 1-for-2 in the one game he played this week, and that fastball in the shoulder blade from Gavin Floyd has kept him on the bench ever since.
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