Wednesday Bird Droppings

O's agree to terms with Gregg on two-year, $10 million deal with club option for 2013 | Orioles Insider
Good news! "He’s considered a bulldog with no fear and a desire to take the baseball in any situation."

Kevin Gregg talks about signing with the Orioles | Orioles Insider
This is what Kevin Gregg has to say: "I want to close. I’ve talked to Andy and I have talked to Buck about it, and I told them what I wanted. I had 37 saves in this division last year." Yes, he does sound like someone who wants the ball no matter what the situation.

The Orioles Sign Kevin Gregg To Bolster | Camden Crazies
Daniel looks at the real cost of Kevin Gregg and determines that the Orioles swapped David Hernandez, Kam Mickolio, and $12 million for Mark Reynolds and Gregg. Not a very good deal, he thinks. 

Orioles pitcher fired deadly shot, injured boy says |
The injured boy in the Alfredo Simon case has confirmed that it was Simon who fired the shot that killed Castillo Almonte. The authorities are still waiting on the ballistics test for confirmation. Simon's lawyers say that the judge is acting in malice towards Simon and that the ballistics test will prove his innocence.

Lawyer: Orioles pitcher's gun did not fire the fatal shot |
Preliminary forensics say that Alfredo Simon's gun did not fire the shot that killed one and injured one on New Year's Day. The police are skeptical. Something about the DR Po Po makes me nervous.

Orioles pitcher Simon sent to preventive prison for killing a man |
Apparently in the DR, holding someone even though they haven't been charged is called "preventive prison." 

Can Matt Wieters get his bat going in 2011? | Steve Melewski
Melewski hypothesizes that Matt Wieters was used too much in 2010 and that's why he wasn't as good at the plate as we all hoped he'd be.

Why I voted for Palmeiro and McGwire for the Baseball Hall of Fame | Sporting News
Garry Howard explains why he voted for Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGwire to go into the Hall of Fame despite their steroids controversy.

Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven lead hopeful Baseball Hall of Fame candidates. |
We'll find out later today which players make the Hall of Fame. One of them better be Roberto Alomar. 

Three Things I Learned from the Bill James Handbook | Dempsey's Army
DA takes a look at what the Bill James Handbook has to say about Nick Markakis, Jeremy Guthrie, Brad Bergesen, and Felix Pie.

Orioles to begin negotiations with their six arbitration-eligible players |
Britt Ghiroli details the arbitration cases for Felix Pie, Luke Scott, Jeremy Guthrie, Adam Jones, Jim Johnson, and J.J. Hardy

Derrek Lee: The Latest Infield Renovation | Baltimore Sports Report
BSR takes a look at the Lee signing and determines it was a smart one.

Look at me! I'm Open Thread! Could I be wearing any more clothes?

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