World Series Apps since strike

I decided to do a quick, dirty, probably pointless statistical study on World Series appearances in the current era (self-described as "since the 94 strike"). Before this year's series, that is 16 World Series. In parentheses, I also added the 4 World Series prior for a nice, even 20 since 1990.


By league it breaks down~

AL: 9-7, .563 (12-8, .600)

NL: 7-9, .438 (8-12, .400)


That shows a balance of power to the AL, as we all have known/suspected.


By division~

ALE: 7-3, .700 (9-3, .750)

ALC: 1-3, .250 (2-3, .400)

ALW: 1-1, .500 (1-2, .333)

NLE: 4-4, .500 (4-7, .364)

NLC: 1-2, .333 (2-2, .500)

NLW: 2-3, .400 (2-3, .400)


Most appearances: ALE 10 (12)

Fewest appearances: ALW 2 (3)

Most appearances by different teams: NLE, NLW 4 (ALC, ALE 4)

Most wins by different teams: NLE 3 (ALE 3)

Most losses by different teams: NLE, NLW (3)


The AL East has appeared in 10 of 16 total World Series (or 12 of 20), and won 7 of the AL's 9 total wins (or 9 of 12). In the NL, the East is still Beast with 8 of 16 total World Series (11 of 20) and 4 of the NL's 7 total wins (4 of 8). Only the AL East has won more World Series than it's lost. East Coast bias? Well, duh.


In those 16 years, the AL Central, AL West, and NL Central have combined for 3 total World Series victories. That's 2 less than the Yankees by themselves. They've combined for 10 total World Series appearances, the same as the AL East, but with only a .300 winning percentage in those series (not total games, just series).


By team~

Most appearances: Yankees 7

Most wins: Yankees 5

Most losses: Yankees, Indians, Braves 2 (Braves 4)

Most appearances NL: Braves 3 (5)

Most wins NL: Marlins 2

Best winning percentage (series): Red Sox, Marlins 2-0 (Blue Jays 2-0)

Worst winning percentage (series): Indians 0-2 (Braves 1-4 HM)


I don't know if this is interesting to anyone but me, but the urge took me over and so I share. Now to add the Orioles to the ALE tally...

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