OT: PAC 12 Week 6: Another Wk in the Blk, waddaya say!

 If 4-2 worked last time, how about the same again? Or maybe 5-1?

      Cal @ No. 9 Orygun [-23 ½]

Gee, these teams have identical records, overall and conf; and last yr’s game @ Berk was a remarkably low-scoring slugfest (15-13!). So maybe this spread is exaggerated. Well, maybe I’m the King of France, too. I still don’t trust Cal’s road OFF, so take OU at 23.5.

Zona [-1] @ OSU

Wow, how can a 1-4 team be a road fave in wk 6, you might ask. Which means you haven’t been watching O-State a lot, now have you? They are winless, and have a pretty good chance of running the table. In fact, this Zona game may be their last “good” chance to win a game this year. If somebody from the desert runs for 70, Foles will make sure it doesn’t happen this wk. I like this bet!

No. 22/24 ASU [-4] @ Utah

Erm, kinda nervous on this one, as the Scum Devils haven’t won away this yr and UT is a schizzo 2-2. I wish the spread here were 1 or 2, but what the heck: take Osweiler and the 4 for the W. With a very modest investment.

Colo @ No. 7/4 Snodfart [-29 ½]

I’m not nuts about the size o’ this spread – not b/c STA can’t put up enough pts (they can) but b/c their DEF is relatively suspect. This is a Sure Thing W, of course, but I’ll say at 21-28. I like Luck throwing 3 or 4 and sitting in the 4th, during which the margin shrinks.

Wazoo @ UCLA [-3 ½]

Winning last wk @ CO was a Good Thing for the WSU prog, and winning one in the RB will be even better. Take ‘em to beat in any case, as Neuheisel looks increasingly lost out there and may be sizing up another NFL asst job as we speak.

Regional Pick o’ the Wk: No. 5/6 Boise [-20 ½] @ Fresno

Boise hasn’t been number crunching this yr as in the past, but then the 2-win Dawgs haven’t beaten a real team to date, either. They *could* Man Up and challenge this 20.5 at home-- but don't bet it. Even if Moore throws a couple more nice INT’s, Boise still beats.



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