Orioles Organization Opening in Dynasty League

We've had a 28 team dynasty league going on since 2005, and turnover is something we usually have to deal with in the offseason. We need a new Orioles owner, and I was wondering if anyone here wanted to take a stab at running the team. It is a 6x6 H2H categories (5X5 + OBP/HLDS), with minor league rosters that come directly from your parent team's real life draft each year (plus trades you make in the league or whatever else). It is a contract league with max 5 year deals, and cheap rookie contracts for minor leaguers which end 4 years after the year they cross 50 career major league IP or 130 major league AB. There are a few different ways to keep players at discounts as well. Every January (date penciled in for Jan 15th), we have a slow auction, that ends up taking a few weeks.

The current Orioles franchise is in pretty decent shape, and everyone on John Sickels' 2012 top 20 prospect list is still owned by the franchise, as well as few others (though no real highly ranked ones from outside the org). The major league roster right now looks like this:

C Matt Wieters $300,000 (2013) * the (2013) year means you get him for this seaon and next, afterwords you'll have some ways to potentially keep him though.

1B Miguel Cabrera $14,850,000 (2012)(Franchised) * You'll be able to retain him for roughly 20M until 2014 if you wish after his contract expires.

2B ?

3B ?

SS J.J. Hardy $8,500,000 (2015)

OF Jose Tabata $300,000 (2014)

OF Bobby Abreu $11,000,000 (2013)

OF Nolan Reimold $300,000 (2013)

UT ?

SP Felix Hernandez $24,000,000 (2013), Gavin Floyd $6,500,000 (2015), Ross Ohlendorf $300,000 (2012)

RP Brandon Lyon, Matt Guerier, David Hernandez, Kiko Calero, Chad Durbin, Greg Olson, Rh. Liz, Jim Johnson.

You'll also have the rights to match the highest offers in FA this year for some of the following players: Brian Roberts, Shane Victorino, Edinson Volquez, John Maine, Jarrod Washburn, Chris Ray, Chris Britton, Freddy Bynum

You could quite possibly get this team to compete this season depending on free agent moves and trades, but we are mainly looking for an owner that is interested in building the Orioles organization using the players drafted by the team and IFA signed by the team, but after that, running it the way you think the players and prospects you aren't high on, making better trades and FA signings that the real life organization, etc. We all have a 100 million dollar cap, so you won't be automatically crushed by the Yanks and Sox in this league.

Let me know if you are interested and we'll get in touch.

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