29 Trades With 29 Teams: Boom! Four Way Trade

I should preface my trades with some jibber jaber but I hate that stuff. The main pieces are in bold. I'm not sure about the tertiary pieces. I wanted to play with them more (especially with trying to get Guzman to the Marlins), but I got tired. So hopefully this post represents a good first stab. Let's get ready to rumble!

Baltimore Orioles Receive: Yonder Alonso and Reymond Fuentes from the San Diego Padres

Baltimore Orioles Trade: Adam Jones (SON!) to the Miami Marlins, Jason Berken to the San Diego Padres

Why This Works for the Orioles: The Orioles receive a major league ready 1B and plug in Endy Chavez as the regular CF with Fuentes waiting in the wings. For the second prospect, I was looking for a weak bat, strong glove CF who was near major league ready (sort of a Peter Bourjos lite). I've been quietly hoping Duquette would address the O's crappy defense this offseason in a creative way. But I'm an O's fan so I live my life in quiet desperation. Fuentes seemed like the closest thing to a weak bat, strong glove OF, although he isn't major league ready. Sickels rated him as a C+ prospect with the following description, "Excellent athleticism, speed, defense, but lack of pop could prevent him from becoming a regular." He has some upside left so he probably has a bit more value than a typical C+ prospect especially to the Padres with Petco Park. Lastly, I'm not sure if I prefer Rizzo or Alonso. I went with Alonso since he did pretty well in a small number of big league ABs this year.

Miami Marlins Receive: Adam Jones from the Baltimore Orioles

Miami Marlins Trade: Logan Morrison to the Texas Rangers

Why This Works for the Marlins: The Marlins are trying to win now with their new stadium. Mike Stanton is obviously a stud, but I think Jones would represent an upgrade over Chris Couglan, Scott Cousins, and Bryan Peterson. I don't think it's correct to say that the Marlins are looking to get rid of Logan Morrison. He was sent to AAA in 2011 because the Marlins wanted to send him a wake up message about his entitled attitude (at least that's I heard on XM). Plus, there was something about his tweets that irked the brass. With this trade though, the Marlins could move him off the roster, upgrade the outfield, and replace him by signing Lyle Overbay or Carlos Pena. I'm not sure if the Marlins will view Jones as a CF. If not, I could see them wanting a little more back than Jones for Morrison given their service time differences. Maybe the Padres could throw in Jesus Guzman for the Marlins who could then step into 1B immediately.

Texas Rangers Receive: Logan Morrison from the Miami Marlins

Texas Rangers Trade: Martin Perez and Justin Grimm to the San Diego Padres

Why This Works for the Rangers: I tried to find a team that wasn't written about yet for this series and needed a major league ready 1B. The Rangers seem like a good fit. With Texas coming off of back to back losses in the World Series, they're trying to win now and they don't seem to mind emptying the farm a bit. Perez is their top pitching prospect (B+ from Sickels) while Grimm (B- from Sickels) is your run-of-the-mill, A-baller who could flame out or turn into a starter. Morrison comes with multiple years of control and represents a slight upgrade over Mitch Moreland. Plus, I think Morrison has a bit more upside than Moreland. I'm skeptical of Morrison representing enough of an upgrade over Moreland for them to give up Perez and Grimm, but every win is vital for the Rangers at this point.

San Diego Padres Receive: Martin Perez and Justin Grimm from the Texas Rangers, Jason Berken from the Baltimore Orioles

San Diego Padres Trade: Yonder Alonso and Reymond Fuentes to the Baltimore Orioles

Why This Works for the Padres: The Padres will most likely end up trading either Alonso or Rizzo. Whoever goes, they'll probably want prospects as they're trying to rebuild. Perez and Grimm add to their stockpile of arms. I'm guessing the Padres will want a small sweetener for Fuentes, and Berken seems like the type of guy who the Padres might like for their bullpen - a decent strike thrower who gives up a lot of fly balls.

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