All (your life)time O's lineup

MLB Network's 30 clubs in 30 days preview of the Orioles included an all time great Orioles lineup.  Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly who they included, nor can I find it online anywhere, but it there were all the usuals on there and a guy or 2 who I didn't know much about.  So I decided to make an all (my life)time Orioles lineup about the greatest Orioles players in my memory.

With recent talk on here about doing an updated who's who of CC, I figured it would give interesting insight into the range of people who comment on this site.  I am 26, so obviously my list would exclude such greats as Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer.  I want a list of everyone's favorites from their lifetime only.  And no, it doesn't count if you were 2 when Cal played his last game, as you would have no memory of him.  Also, your list would be incredibly sad and you are probably too young to read what goes on at this site anyway....

Having said all that, what's everyone's lineup?  This should include all position players, a DH, 1 starting pitcher, 1 relief pitcher, and 1 closer.  Even throw in one bench player.

My lineup

  1. 2B Brian Roberts           ~A tough pick over Robby Alomar.  This isn't all about stats, B Rob is a sentimental pick, and a prototypical leadoff man.
  2. RF Nick Markakis          ~Pretty easy pick for me, and the list is looking pretty current so far.
  3. SS Cal Ripken               ~The Iron Man is my favorite Oriole, and an easy choice.
  4. 1B Rafael Palmeiro      ~Despite all the steroid issues, there isn't anyone in my lifetime who even comes close.
  5. LF BJ Surhoff                  ~My 2nd favorite Oriole, and an underrated player, in my opinion.
  6. CF Brady Anderson       ~Hard to take him out of the leadoff spot, and if he were playing now and B Rob was retired, it'd probably be the other way around
  7. DH Harold Baines         ~ Gets the nod over Huff Daddy
  8. C Chris Hoiles                ~Very underrated player, hopefully Matt Wieters will surpass him on this list someday in the not so distant future.
  9. 3B Melvin Mora               ~Is there anything to say other than "MELMO!!!!"

My starting pitcher is Mike Mussina, with all the mixed feelings that brings in me, I have little choice.  Bedard gets an honorable mention. He gets relieved by Jesse Orosco...always loved that guy.  Randy Myers comes in to shut it down and put one in the win column. Bench player Eddie Murray gets left out of the lineup because he left in 88 when I was 4, and had a brief return in the mid 90s, but he doesn't crack the starting lineup for me.

Any glaring omissions? Also, sorry if the format is ugly, I suck at this.

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