Tuesday Bird Droppings

School of Roch: Final thoughts on 14-9 victory
Buck on Reimold's demotion: "I didn't get to see the guy (last season) that I saw this spring, and I can see why he's so well thought of. He's probably in the best physical shape that he's been in in a while, running probably better than he ever has. And I thought other than early on, getting used to spring training, he showed that he could play defense. Right-handed power. I'm glad that he's ours. Not only for depth this year, but I think the future bodes well for him. I like where he is right now." Not gonna lie, I clipped this just so you guys could make "best shape of his life!" jokes.

Orioles Insider: Fox draws ire of both managers today - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards - baltimoresun.com
Some color from Monday's game - Jake Fox has proved this spring that he can mash the taters, but is apparently spending all the rest of his time at camp pissing off his boss with incidents like this one.

Shhh!: Don't tell Red Sox fans, but Buck Showalter is right about Theo Epstein - The Angle - Boston.com
Some more on Bucks's quotes through the lens of the disparity in the baseball economy.

Buck Stops Here: Showalter's Legit Beef and Poor Choice of Enemies | Bleacher Report
Despite the opening "From a hardcore Red Sox lifer and armchair Orioles fan (gotta love that Camden Yards), I am a Buck Showalter admirer. Heck, I think he's the best thing to happen for that team since Albert Belle retired..." our intrepid author uses the Buck quote maelstrom to make some observations about the current issues surrounding the big money vs small market teams conflict.

2011 Season Preview: Baltimore Orioles | River Avenue Blues
Based solely on the fact that it was written and published by Yankees fans and appears on the YES Network website, I'd like to say that this piece is pure balderdash. Sadly, it's not.

Orioles counting on Showalter to end losing ways - USATODAY.com
The AP is all over the O's beat today. This time with a broad season preview featuring some rah-rah quotes from Roberts, Guthrie, Scott and Jones. 

Is This Jake Fox's Break-out? | March
"Is the offensive barrage a sign of things to come, and should the Orioles take advantage of it by giving Fox some plate appearances in the majors?"

Know Thine Enemy: Baltimore Orioles - DRaysBay
Do you like stats? Did you know there is a stat that has the word bacon in it? Would you like to know what that stat (wOBAcon) says about the Orioles' batters? Then perhaps you should read this.

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