Hate and Catharsis. #2.

So I had this whole deal written up about Orioles public relations and ticket sales and promotion and building a fan base, and so on and so forth. This was going to be a second part in a series where I just write about the Orioles. I felt like I have spent a lot of time around Camden Chat over the last five or so years, but I don't always make my opinions known and I figured now that I had a little bit of time I would put myself out there. I even wrote an episode of a TV show starring Buck Showalter to debut in a new monthly comedy post I want to create. And then tonight happened.

 I can honestly say it was the second worst Orioles game I have ever watched. I put my heart into this game. I didn't move from my bedroom chair for most of the extra innings and before every pitch from an Oriole I rubbed my white Ipod headphones in a certain way with my index finer brushing over the back of it because it was good luck, I was so superstitious I refused to move to either of the overflow threads; instead sometimes compiling seven consecutive comments in the original thread. I refused to give up because I wanted the Orioles to win so badly I would do anything I could from thousands of miles away to help them. I wanted to walk off and beat the Yankees, come from behind and stun them, I wanted to send messages on Facebook to anyone I remotely know who is a Yankee fan and tell them to suck it. I wanted it and I poured every inch of my soul into wanting it, because god damnit this doesn't happen to us nearly as often as it should and I want to savor the sweet taste of Yankee blood after a successful hunt. I want it because I love this team and I will always love this team and sometimes I am naive enough to think that if I just want it enough, they will get it done for me. I am a fool in love.


Now things get dicey. Because I hate this team. I hate it with a passion. The sort of passion that makes someone stand and yell the F word for 5 minutes after a tough loss, the sort of passion that causes depression. I despise this team because I tell my dad we might come back and win and then I have to explain just how terrible we are and why we lost. I don't need to explain why we are terrible, you already know and if not, Eat More Esskay told you. But they are so pathetically life draining it makes me want blood out of revenge. If it's not Yankee blood I get, then I shall partake in the blood of Michael Gonzalez.

Seriously, I feel for the guy, he is terrible. But you know what? I spent four hours on this game. I had a good time, you guys are great. We had some hilarious body part / swear word jokes (not sure what else to call them) with Andy_G, WW, PBR, and many others. You know when those jokes stopped though? The second Michael Gonzalez came in. The difference between "Steve (dot)" and Gonzalez is that Steve. loves the Orioles. I really feel bad for Gonzo, he pooped his pants, and he hit a guy in the head which would make anyone feel pretty terrible. But he clearly doesn't love this team enough to stay.

Our bulllpen pitched its heart out today. It was an amazing effort; each and every struggling guy came in and no matter what, they left with a zero on the board against one of the best hitting teams in baseball. Britton was awesome, Rapada was good, Berken did well, Gregg got the job done, Koji shut it down, JJ pitched great. Even Accardo did ok. The whole game up until the 15th there was only one extra base hit. Accardo gave up a few soft singles but he did a crazy good job of getting out the best hitters and getting out of innings. He gave up a couple of singles in the 15th and they asked Gonzo to step up and be a good teammate, they asked him to pick up his bullpen mate. He throws one pitch and it was the hardest hit of the night. Game over, good night.

I don't know how that man can hold his head in that clubhouse. If I'm Andy MacPhail, which I'm not, I bring him into my office and tell him this: "Either you go to AAA and fix whatever problem you have or you leave my organization now." My suggestion for you Michael? Go back to the National League and best of luck to you there; but I love this team too much to see you stomp on my heart.

As I reel in this post I would like to implore each of you who watched this game to share how you felt about it. I will compile your thoughts into a large document and mail them or hand deliver them to the doorstep of Andy MacPhail. In closing I would like to quote PBR me ASAP!: " you really refused to let this thread die" I see this as more than just staying in one thread for a game because it was lucky. This is the idea that Orioles fans refuse to give up no matter how badly we get thrown around. We refuse to let the dream of winning die. We can't quit because black and orange makes our heart pump, because we want it more than some carpetbag, opposite coast, bandwagon Yankee fan scumbag. I hate this team only because I love this team. Ain't dead. Can't quit. Won't bow. Don't know how.

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