Tuesday Bird Droppings

O's Draft vs. Depot's Draft Pt.1 - Camden Depot

"Essentially, the comparison between the Orioles's draft and the Depot's draft will come down to how the kids up top perform. Assuming Bundy, Rendon and Starling all sign, the pairings we'll be watching will be Bundy/Machado vs. Rendon/Starling. While we love the upside of our picks, there are questions with both Rendon (health) and Starling (refinement), making it difficult for us to trumpet our selections over Jordan's. "

Keys win first-half Carolina North title | MiLB.com
"Meanwhile, shortstop Jonathan Schoop, the Orioles' No. 6 prospect and the youngest player in the Carolina League at 19 years old, is batting .333 since his promotion from Class A Delmarva on June 5. 'Schoop has been doing a great job, whether he's at second base, third base or shortstop. He's been getting his hits and he's been doing well defensively,' Gomez added. 'He has a good idea what he wants to do and he makes adjustments. For someone that young, that is really nice to see.'"

Showalter, O's build around young starters - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
"They come with different backgrounds and different makeups, they're not all robots. The AL East is relentless, it's a tough place to develop young pitching but I'll tell you one thing: If they get through it they'll be as mentally tough as anyone. We'll have some good and bad while we get some seed on the ground." - Buck

Baltimore Orioles worried about lefty Brian Matusz’s struggles - Sporting News
"I think there may be something not quite right with Matusz," Rays manager Joe Maddon said after the game, during which Matusz made 52 pitches to get four outs. "I'm certain he's not feeling 100 percent."

The Pitching Technique That's Threatening Baseball's Young Phenoms - The Atlantic
Not O's-related, but an interesting article on mechanics. Both the Yankees' Joba Chamberlain and the Nationals' Stephen Strasburg are victims of the "Inverted W" -zk

Orioles players using Twitter to better communicate with fans - MLB.com
"Jake [Arrieta] was making fun of me and Jeremy [Guthrie] on Twitter," Britton said. "So we decided to throw out a fake phone number saying [on Twitter], 'Jake Arrieta, is this still your phone number?' We were totally making it up, but using the same area code where he lived. The number was actually disconnected, so we got lucky. People were like, 'Oh my god, did you really just throw his number out there?' C.J. Wilson of the Rangers actually replied to me saying it was the funniest thing ever."

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