Monday Bird Droppings

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 19: Baltimore Orioles manager in baseball Buck Showalter watches play against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on June 19, 2011 in Washington, DC. The Baltimore Orioles won, 7-4. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

"My main thing was don't fall down" - MASN

"My main thing was don't fall down, because when I hit third my legs got Jello-ey," Jakubauskas said. "I didn't know where the ball was. He was waving me, so I knew it was a one-run game and it would have been nice to get J.J. an RBI and get another run on the board, make it a two-run game. But it was kind of one of those things. I was hoping (catcher Wilson Ramos) would go in and tag me nice and soft, go in a little hard, maybe I'd knock the ball out, but obviously that wasn't happening."

Has your opinion of Mark Reynolds changed at all? -
"To me, his defense has been the disappointing part of Reynolds’ game. It’s frustrating watching him make a great play one inning and uncork a terrible throw the next. His defensive inconsistency has been maddening." But his offense has been pretty much as advertised, maybe even a tick better than expected."

Britton taking his lumps - Camden Depot
"Today's writing may seem like an "I told you so," but that couldn't be less the case. Rather, it's meant to be a reminder that these sorts of rough patches are to be expected, and fans have no reason to feel any less excited about having Britton as a fixture in the O's rotation for the foreseeable future."

Are teams smarter than they used to be? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
"Major league owners in 2011 are paying a higher percentage of their total payroll to the top 25 players and receiving far less production. Even if you account for better seasons the rest of the way from the likes of Joe Mauer and Ichiro Suzuki and Torii Hunter and John Lackey, the 2011 group wouldn't come close to matching the 1985 group in total WAR. "

Bucs as buyers? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
A look at our opponents: "Will the Pirates become buyers? In what most expected would be yet another year of dispirited baseball mayhem in the Steel City, the Pirates are doing a heck of a job proving that the 2011 season will be different than the last 17. Regardless of whether or not their gloomy days are truly over -- an era that has featured an uncountable number of losing streaks, baffling managerial decisions and embarrassing dances by the Pirate Parrot -- the Buccos are playing glass-half-full baseball entering the second half of the season."

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