Tuesday Bird Droppings

BALTIMORE, MD - JUNE 25: Adam Jones #10 of the Baltimore Orioles celebrates a first inning home run with Vladimir Guerrero #27 during a baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds on June 25, 2011 at Orioles Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Stacey Long: Reynolds a victim of O's lineup - MASN
Stacey is dropping knowledge over at MASN again: "Many people would tell you that runs (along with RBIs) aren't a good measure of how well a player is playing, and I agree with those people. Because if Reynolds were in the lineup where he belongs - or in a better lineup altogether - he'd surely have scored and knocked in a few more runs than he has."

Orioles Sit One Loss Away From 9,000 - Baltimore Sports Report
"The O’s as a franchise have gone 8,114-8,999 in their entire history from 1901-2011, both as the St. Louis Browns and Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore is currently ranked eighth all-time in losses behind the LA Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies. Only the Phils have broken the 10,000 loss barrier in Major League history." Since 1954, the year they became the Orioles, Baltimore is 4652-4445. Obviously, the Browns are bringing that record down.

Orioles Insider: Brian Roberts says he's making progress - baltimoresun.com
"Roberts, who still hasn’t been cleared to begin extensive baseball activities, said that up until the past few days, he was still experiencing dizziness and headaches after working out. However, some of those symptoms have started to subside. 'We’ll see how it goes as we ramp up the intensity,' said Roberts, who also had wisdom teeth removed Friday, a follow-up to the root canal he had while the team was in Kansas City, Mo., in early May. 'You have to see where you are as you begin to progress through the activity. It’s just kind of overcoming those hurdles, and you don’t know until you get over them. I haven’t overcome all of them, but we’re getting there.'"

Eisenberg: Birds need Buck more than Davey - CSNBaltimore
"It is still going to bother some fans to see Johnson in charge of the other team on MASN, but, frankly, the statute of limitations has expired on those frustrations. Johnson, 68, hasn’t managed in the majors in more than a decade, since being fired by the Dodgers in 2000. He is still a sharp baseball man, but he is near the end of the line as a manager. He might just finish out 2011 in the dugout and return to his role as a front-office consultant to Nationals GM Mike Rizzo. The Orioles are better off with Showalter, 55, as they slog through the process of trying to regain their organizational self-confidence."

MacPhail, Showalter Stress Patience To Fans - PressBox
More from the season ticket holders Q&A: "One fan attending the question-and-answer session wore an orange T-shirt that said, 'New York's payroll: $200 million … but Baltimore only needs one Buck.' 'I can't stand the Yankees, OK?' former New York manager Showalter said to cheers from the crowd. 'But you have challenges around every corner. You can't put the focus on one club.'" "But once (beating the Yankees regularly) happens, it's going to snowball, and they're going to hate coming into (Oriole Park), believe me."

Steve Melewski: How much does the O's brass use sabermetrics? - MASN
Buck: "I think you use all avenues available to you. To say, I'm not ever going to look at that or this - I had a guy a long time ago say to me about scouting that you need to let statistics validate your gut, instead of let your gut be developed by statistics."
Andy: "We are trying to ascertain trends or hidden value or maybe hidden landmines that we have to avoid. There are certain statistics that we look at and evaluate that help us determine and make a judgement, is the trend line moving up or we do have to be concerned that player might be on the precipice of a real fall."

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