Tuesday Bird Droppings

Orioles at the Deadline: MacPhail Still Magic? Or Was He Ever? - The Loss Column
"Since those two big, early moves he hasn’t really had a great track record. He hasn’t had a terrible one, either, but the results both on the field and in terms of the ultimate return on those two big trades speak to a guy who is, shall we say, struggling. He hasn’t overseen a comprehensive rebuild of the team. He hasn’t fixed the farm system. He hasn’t brought the team to contention."

Derrek Lee dump - Camden Deopt
"First and foremost, this signals that Andy MacPhail and the brain trust coordinating the personnel decisions appear to truly be dedicated to giving Chris Davis every chance to get comfortable and show what he has as a starting first baseman. This was a large concern following the Uehara deal, as noted in Part 1 of our Koji trade analysis, and it is terrific news that the organization is going to make at least a two month commitment to figuring out whether or not Davis looks like a future contributor."

Orioles Insider: One year later: What do you think of Showalter now? - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards - baltimoresun.com
"My take is that he is the best in-game manager I have covered, and probably the best one since Davey Johnson. He’s also the most prepared and observant person I have been around in this game. The things he notices continually amaze me. I do believe, however, that at times he has stayed with veterans longer than he should have this year (Vladimir Guerrero should have been out of the cleanup spot by late May). But, to be fair, it’s not like he’s had a whole lot of tempting options to choose from."

Showalter staying positive after first year at the helm - Carroll County Times
Buck: "We want to put something together to stand the test of time. Just about every great situation, New York, Tampa, Atlanta, Arizona - there were times where it looked pretty tough and some things started clicking. I feel good about understanding what we have and what we don't have,"

Matthew Taylor: Rout by Yankees brings back unpleasant memories - MASN
Not the best thing to read first thing in the morning, really.

Farewell to one of my favorite Orioles, Mr. Koji Uehara - baltimoresun.com
A little Koji nostalgia tour.

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