Birds Up, O's Down for July 25 - Aug 7

Mark Reynolds unleashes a monster bomb. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)



Jake Arrieta Out for the season with elbow surgery to remove a bone spur/fibrous mass.  Probably for the best since he's been dealing with this pain for awhile and it is possible it was hindering his control (8 walks in two starts).

Brad Bergesen Better suited for the bullpen.  Allowed 6 runs (4 earned) in a 3 inning start, but followed that up with 3 good innings out of the pen.  Sandwiched a random relief appearance in there where he allowed 3 hits and only got one out.

Zach Britton Zach's lucky he's injured, otherwise he'd be getting Mr. Yuk.  Was getting absolutely mauled before hitting the DL with a shoulder strain.  Why can't we have prospects that actually turn into real baseball players??

Jeremy Guthrie Didn't get traded and hasn't performed particularly well since the deadline.  One good start, one poor start, and one mediocre start.  Sigh.


Tommy Hunter Another guy who should probably stick to the pen.  Incredibly small sample size, but his stuff didn't look good enough for him to remain a starter.


Alfredo Simon Was the O's best starter for a while, but that has worn off somewhat.  He's gotten progressively less effective in his last three starts.


Chris Tillman Okay, that last start was pretty nice.  We'll see if it lasts.

Jason Berken Sometimes he's good, sometimes he's not.  The ridiculousness of his last outing was incredible and, for that, a down arrow.


Mike Gonzalez Didn't allow a run the past two weeks, but hardly pitched (although he did pitch in two games on the same day).  We're getting closer and closer to the day his contract expires.


Kevin Gregg Probably the longest stretch he's gone during an active season without allowing a run.  Then again, the O's haven't had many save ops lately.


Mark Hendrickson Pitched a few times (to little effect) and then disappeared.  Not even sure where he is now.

Chris Jakubauskas Not half-bad out of the pen lately.  His ERA is still monumental, but allowing 6 ER over 2 innings will do that to you.


Jim Johnson

Was pretty good up until his most recent outings.  Might be suffering from overuse (and people out there want him to start?) which is likely to get worse without another decent option in the bullpen.

Troy Patton Has actually been pretty good since the Orioles decided to show the word he is, in fact, a real pitcher.


Jo-Jo Reyes About to get a start because the Orioles don't really have anyone else.  Whooo boy.
Koji Uehara Peace out, Koji.  We (Jim Johnson especially) will miss you here.


Robert Andino Doesn't provide much, but hey, it could be worse.

Josh Bell And here you thought that it wasn't possible to have defense worse than Mark Reynolds.  Ladies and gents, I present to you:  Nugget.  Yeah, its bad.

Blake Davis Can't hit, but provides depth at a thin position for the Orioles.


Chris Davis Hasn't played much because he "slept on his shoulder funny."  Uh huh.  Right, Chris.

Vladimir Guerrero Every day he's hustlin' hustlin'.  Gotta love a guy who hits nothing but singles batting cleanup.

J.J. Hardy Should learn to talk a walk every now and then to go with the home runs.  Can't argue much with a .500+ slugging %.

Cesar Izturis Easy come, easy go.  Off of the DL just to go right back on.

Adam Jones Yeah, the home runs are nice.....but can he hit a cutoff man?

Derrek Lee Nice knowin' ya, Silky D. 


Nick Markakis When was the last time he hit a home run?

Felix Pie Glad to see that somebody finally realized Pie shouldn't be starting since he can't hit and can't play much in the way of defense.

Nolan Reimold Really needed to grab the starting role by the reins, but so far has failed to impress.  OPS has slipped as his OBP has dropped below .300

Mark Reynolds Yea....we know he can't play defense at third, but he's getting an up arrow for his monster home runs.  Did you see those?  It was crazy.  You should have been there.  Maybe he can stick at first?  (Soul-killing strikeout tracker:  129)

Craig Tatum Has absolutely zero power and doesn't really hit much else, to be honest.


Matt Wieters He's been struggling some at the plate....hopefully last night was an indication of what's to come for SHJ.
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