Wednesday Bird Droppings

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 12: Manager Buck Showalter of the Baltimore Orioles looks on from the dugout during the seventh inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on September 12, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Jones sits for fourth straight game - Carroll County Times
Buck: "I've gotten to know Adam pretty well and he's not one of those guys that lets you see every ounce of discomfort he's feeling. So when he does, that's the cache that he's created through balls off the foot and foul balls off the kneecap and diving all over the place, running into walls."

Wieters one shy of 20 homers after his bomb off Howell -
"Before Tuesday’s game at Camden Yards, Orioles manager Buck Showalter spoke at length about Wieters and his success against left-handers this season. In spring training, the Orioles force-fed Wieters at-bats against lefties, whether it was in exhibition games or simulated game situations. And entering Tuesday’s game, Wieters had been batting .320 with eight homers and 20 RBIs as a right-handed hitter against left-handers. He added to those last two totals with his bomb off Howell. It was the second straight night Wieters hit a home run. He has five homers in his past 12 games, and he is one shy of 20 on the season."

Daniel Moroz: Johnson's new role can't save O's from ill-advised signing of Gregg - MASN
"Despite what many people say (including some allusions by the Orioles themselves), Johnson is perfectly capable of being the team's closer, and signing Gregg was not a good move."

Blue Jays and Orioles Compete Far From the Races -
"A year ago, it seems, the Orioles had more hope than they do now. In four months before Showalter took over, they won 32 games. In his two months they won 34. With a few veteran hitters added to the stable of young pitchers, the thinking went, maybe the Orioles could compete. Showalter knew better, but made a point not to say it and rattle the good vibes. Some of the veterans, like shortstop J. J. Hardy, have produced. But the pitching has been dreadful."

In Defense of Outliers | pitchers & poets
"An examination of Brady Anderson, Jose Bautista, the effect of the steroid era on miracles and our ability to accept them." This from a couple of weeks ago, but I enjoyed reading it. 

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