Friday Bird Droppings

Before we delve into the links, I want to take a second to thank the awesome 2632 for all of the hard work she did compiling links all season. It's a tougher task than it appears. She's had to step down from her position as links mistress because her real job, in which she saves the world, is getting too busy. 

Robert Andino fulfilling potential expected of him | News
Through 125 games, Andino is hitting .263 with 21 doubles, three homers, 26 RBIs and a .326 on-base percentage. He said the numbers, including a career-high 11-game hitting streak that was snapped Wednesday night, are simply a result of getting a chance to play every day and establish a rhythm.

City of Frederick Approves Ten-Year Lease for Keys | Box Score News
A negotiated stadium lease agreement between the Frederick Keys, Advanced Class-A Carolina League Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, and The City of Frederick was approved tonight by the Board of Alderman. This will keep the Keys at Harry Grove Stadium through the 2021 season.

Berken fondly remembers the 2007 champion Frederick Keys | Steve Melewski
"It was a fun team. Tommy Thompson was our manager and kept it really light. We had a lot of fun. We snuck into the playoffs with a record under .500, but just got hot and I don't think we lost a game in the playoffs. For my first full year in the minor leagues, it was really cool," Berken said.

Things aren't as bad as they seem with O's |
This writer thinks that the only real thing the Orioles need to do is sign Aramis Ramirez and Prince Fielder.

Orioles: No Comfort In the "Spoiler" Role | The Loss Column
What I won’t do is care what effect such wins have on the playoff picture because the playoffs go like this: the Orioles never had a chance. That needs to be fixed. To hell with the Rays, Sox, and Yankees. A pox on all their houses. 

Frustrated With Demotion, Logan Morrison Files Grievance Against Marlins - Baseball Nation
I don't even know who to appeal to that that Orioles should do what they can to get Logan Morrison in the off-season, but I'm doing it anyway. Please! 

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