Thank You 2012 Orioles

I would like to thank the entire 2012 Baltimore Orioles for their contributions, from the equipment managers to the ushers to the concession workers to the scouts and analytics people. To the fans who continued to Pack and Protect this yard: We earned this. I left my college graduation early in order to see Chris Davis strike out Adrian Gonzalez and earn the win, sweeping the Red Sox in Fenway Park. This sentence defines 2012 for me: A year of transition. Through my transition from the college life to the post-grad world I have had one constant crutch to lean on: The 2012 Baltimore Orioles. I would like to thank each and every person singlehandedly for this wonderful season it may get redundant but here it goes.

Thank you:

Longest tenured Oriole Brian Roberts for your leadership and veteran presence, we are all glad you got to celebrate a postseason win and experience playoff baseball at Camden Yards. To you LJ Hoes, tearing up the minors and giving us CC’ers constant puns using your last name. Tear it up in the AFL, kiddo! To Luis Exposito and Ronnie Paulino, for dominating your one-dimensional facets. I fondly recall Mr. Paulino with his 4 hit game as a DH. Mr. Teagarden you justified the trade for you with your clutchness and we look forward to you and your Win Probability Added in 2013. Nolan Reimold get better soon, you have proven that when healthy you can be a powerful force in the middle of this lineup for years to come. You helped ignite the spark throughout April. To Quintanilla, Flaherty and Andino you have each had a point in time where your bat and glove have helped lead the Orioles. We have simulataneously loved and hated you throughout the season, but we appreciate your dedication: Flaherty and Andino looked like major league hitters in the playoffs and perhaps they will lead us there again! Thank you lefty killers: Lew Ford, Steve Tolleson and Steve Pearce with your HR’s against CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee and CJ Wilson filling the shoes of the great Josh Bell. Thank you Bill Hall for your legendary HR in your Orioles debut. Thank you Mr. Mahoney for your contributions to the 2012 Orioles. Thank you Nick Johnson for teaching us about OBP, thank you Endy Chavez and Xavier Avery for your gloves and the spark your speed provides. Jim Thome for your wonderful handshakes and mashed taters. Wilson Betemit for your domination of right-handed pitching and legendary walk-off homerun. And you Nate McLouth for proving me wrong and becoming the best postseason-Orioles hitter of the millennium. Thank you Chris Davis for your 3-home run game and your domination in the final week of the season with fellow bash brother Mark Reynolds. I thank Mr. Reynolds for his toe tapping abilities at first base and crushing balls in Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium (and freaking out on the 1st base umpire in Detroit). Thank you Manny Machado for showing us the future and coming up with clutch hits. Nick Markakis thank you for your Opening Day heroics and leadership in the 2nd half. Thank you for your Gold Glove Caliber defense Mr. Hardy it is an honor to watch you field. Thank you Adam Jones for your leadership and your commitment to the city of Baltimore for six more years!

The bats were great, but the Orioles main reason for their success undoubtedly was their pitching. Thank you short term mops: Zach Phillips, Stu Pomeranz, J.C. Romero, Miguel Socolovich and Jason Berken for helping save the bullpen. And local legend Steve Johnson for invigorating the team down the stretch with your pure dominance. Thank you unsung hero middle relievers who are perhaps the two most underrated Orioles : Troy Patton and Luis Ayala. Thank you Kevin Gregg for taking your demotion in stride and performing in extra innings when called upon. Thank you starters-turned-relievers Tommy Hunter, Jake Arrieta and Brian Matusz. You looked awesome in relief! Zach Britton for your flashes of brilliance and your beauty of a sinker. The mop up starters saving the bullpen and delivering in key games: Randy Wolf and Dana Eveland. Matt Lindstrom for your sneaky dominance in the middle of the bullpen and for netting us… Joe Saunders whom dominated the Rangers and Yankees in the postseason. Thank you Pedro Strop for the four months of joy in closing out the 8th with style. Chris Tillman for becoming a valuable SP contributor out of the cavalry and your beautiful dominance of Mariner hitters. Perhaps most importantly thank you: Miguel Gonzalez, Wei Yin Chen and Jason Hammel for your incredible seasons as Orioles, proving Dan Duquette to be a genius, and your postseason dominance of the Yankee hitters. Darren O'Day for being such a crafty individual and absolutely dominating hitters in both the regular and postseason. And the reason we won so many nail biters, thank you Mr. Mop Jim Johnson and his 51 saves.

Hammel's near East no-hitter. Chen's Seattle near-perfect game. Statue nights. Chris Davis with a 92 MPH fastball with movement. The Wieters walkoff ensuring a series win over the Phils. To dominating the Pirates with an emphatic home sweep and following it up with dominant pitching in Atlanta. Teagarden's walk off homerun in his first plate appearance. Miguel Gonzalez dueling with David Price. Coming back down 5-0 three times vs Detroit, Oakland and New York. Machado Madness! 82 wins. 90 wins! Playoff birth. Playoff victory. Game 5. What a year!

Thank you EME, Stacey and all those who make this site the best Orioles blog and a great place to hang out and chat about the birds.

Thank you Rick Adair, Rick Peterson, Wayne Kirby, DeMarlo Hale, John Russell and the legend himself Mr. Buck Showalter.

Thank you Dan Duquette with your constant roster activity.

Thank you Camden Yards for aging beautifully with playoff baseball in your 20th season.

Thank you Mr. Angelos for putting it all together.

Thank you, Orioles Magic.

Cheers your Boh’s to the 2012 O’s!

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