2012 Most Birdland Player Awards

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96 times we awarded a Most Birdland Player Award. Top honors went to Wei-Yin Chen, who brought home 9 MBPs.

For each of the Orioles 96 wins this year (93 regular season, 3 postseason), we included a poll with the game recap to gauge who the Camden Chat community felt was the Most Birdland Player of the game. The original definition of the MBP was the player who provided the most unexpected contribution, but over the seasons it's come to be a combination of that, of excellent play in the field, and in some cases, in a player showing some awesomeness through his personality. It's up to each voter how much weight to give to the factors.

I bet many of you didn't know that Camden Chatter dayzd toe keeps a log every year of the Most Birdland Players. It used to be located in the links section of the sidebar, and now it's located on the links page in the library dropdown at the top of the front page. Go check it out, it's pretty cool and links to the post-game of every win so you can check the poll if you like.

Here is how the 96 MBPs broke down:

Wei-Yin Chen 9
Chris Tillman 6
Mark Reynolds 6
Matt Wieters 6
Adam Jones 6
Jason Hammel 5
Brian Matusz 5
Chris Davis 5
Manny Machado 5
Miguel Gonzalez 4
Nick Markakis 4
The Bullpen 4
Zach Britton 4
Nate McLouth 4
Jake Arrieta 3
Tommy Hunter 3
J.J. Hardy 3
Nolan Reimold 3
Joe Saunders 3
Jim Thome 1
Steve Johnson 1
Wilson Betemit 1
Nick Johnson 1
Team Steve! 1
Brian Roberts 1
Steve Pearce 1
Taylor Teagarden 1

Wei-Yin Chen is the big winner with 9 total MBPs, but Camden Chat is well known for favoring starting pitchers. I think it hearkens back to the days when it was so rare that a starting pitcher provided a good performance that it always seemed Birdland when he did. Ah, the good old days of 2011.

Sure there are the repeat winners like Chen, Chris Tillman, and Adam Jones, but if you look at those who won just once, you'll see that anyone is capable of winning an MBP. Even Nick Johnson got one! Who even remembers that he was on the team?

I find it especially impressive that Nate McLouth locked up four MBPs and Manny Machado five despite the fact that neither player appeared in a game for the Orioles until August. Imagine if they'd had all year to rack them up!

Of course, just because Chen racked up the most MBPs doesn't necessarily mean that he should considered the Most Birdland Player of 2012. Not all MBPs are created equal, of course. So who do you think should be the MBP for the entire 2012 season? Give me your answer and your reasons in the comments!

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