Wednesday Bird Droppings

Rob Carr

Reading them is like waking up to the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls!

I wanted to start the notes off today with a riff on The Shining by saying 'All hot stove reports and no trades makes PBR a dull boy'. But then the Marlins and Bleu Jays went and set the interwebz all atwitter. Wowza. The mind harkens back to the 10 player deal betwixt the O's and Yankees in 1976 that brought Uncle Rick Dempsey, Tippy Martinez, Scott McGregor, and Rudy May to the O's for Doyle Alexander, Elrod Hendricks, and Ken Holtzmen and some others. The O's were the team getting the younger talent in exchange for the major league vets that time, just as the Marlins did this time. A lot of young (and cheap) talent will be playing in South Beach in the coming years. I'm particularly fond of their future outfield with current stud Giancarlo Stanton likely to be joined by top 30 prospects Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick in the near future.

But why am I typing this? No one reads the links anyway. Onward, ho!

Buck Showalter named runner-up in tight AL Manager of the Year race | News

Buck's like the Tonberry King: quiet, methodical, and ready to cut a mofo.

Mangers of the Year Announced to Mild Smattering of Indifference | Getting Blanked | Blogs |

Managers .gif-ing it up!

Dan Duquette details Orioles' needs in trade market | News

I wonder if Logan Morrison is available from the Marlins?

School of Roch: Tolleson signs with White Sox, Showalter talks about Manager of the Year voting

Fare thee well, part of Team Steve. We hardly knew ye.

Venezuelan pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has potential to be big league starter one day -

I'm really high on this kid. He's part of a crop of strong international signing from a few years ago along with Jonathan Schoop and some others just about ready to emerge from short season ball next year.

Camden Depot: Measuring Bullpen Management: Bucking Up the Bullpen
Crawdaddy seeks to discern just what kinda of effect a manager can exert over his bullpen

Today is the birthday of brief Oriole Curt Schilling.

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